REVIEW: Country



Loved this book! It shows you can find love again after death, and even after being unhappy for years as well. I always love Danielle’s books, but this is one of my favs!

Stephanie hasn’t been happy with her husband for a few years.  She was unable to forgive his betrayal when she learned he was having an affair.  But having him die during a ski trip away with friends throws her for a loop.  She hadn’t been in love with him anymore, but she had been once … And habit is hard to break.

Then she meets Chase.  Just a stranger she strikes up a conversation with on a hiking trail when she’s basking in her grief, but soon a true friend who she can talk to so easily.  Soon, sparks fly and she’s off on a romance with this country music superstar.  Can she get over her grief and find happiness again so quickly?  Will her kids ever be okay with her moving on from their father, who they all of a sudden remember as a saint when he was anything but?  And most importantly, can she figure out who SHE truly is before she loses herself in the life and dreams of another man?  Read the book to found out … I guarantee you won’t regret it! 😊

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