REVIEW: Hellfire, Texas

Hellfire, Texas

HELLFIRE, TEXAS — by Elle James — Part of the 12-Alarm Cowboys Collection


This book really drew me in from the start, and I didn’t put it down until I had read it all.  The characters are very easy to relate to, and you find yourself wanting to reach through the book and pinch some sense into Kinsey in the beginning when she’s not wanting the truth to come out.  Eventually she sees reason and you can relax again.

The story starts with Becket Grayson stumbling across old family friend, Kinsey Phillips, in need of help on the road leading to his family’s ranch.  When Becket finds out she’s fleeing an abusive ex, he is intent on helping her.  His family gets on board and they vow to keep her safe.  Being in close quarters with Becket causes the old crush Kinsey had on him to come rushing back, and he is finding grown up Kinsey hard to resist as well.  Read the book to find out what happens in this attraction of two childhood friends, and see if she is truly rid of her abusive ex or not.  I didn’t want this one to end!

** Received free from Elle to review **

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