Rainy dreary day

Good morning!  It’s a rainy, dreary day here today … but that’s okay, we can use the rain. 🙂  The grass is turning brown, and any day that makes us not have to water the tomato plants or flowers on the deck is a good one in my opinion.  And hey, a rainy day is the best day to curl up with a good book or two right?  Planned day trip to the beach however, is on hold until later in the week.

How is everyone’s day going?  I got up early this morning, downed some coffee while watching The Today Show for a little while, had a little breakfast and hit the treadmill for awhile.  Now I’m cooling off and updating the old blog.  I’ve been bad about the personal posts since I started this thing back up, but I’m going to get better, promise! 🙂  I’ve been doing lots of reading though, so lots of Reviews coming your way.  I have several books still on my list that have been sent to me to review, so I’ve got to hit one or two of those today.

Have a great day!  Talk soon!

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