* Review * A BABY FOR THE DOCTOR by Stephanie Dees

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A BABY FOR THE DOCTOR by Stephanie DeesA Baby for the Doctor by Stephanie Dee
Series: Family Blessings
Published by Love Inspired on October 1, 2017
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A Family to Call Her Own

After becoming a foster parent to a young boy, equine therapist Jordan Conley's life gets turned upside down. Little Levi is in need of an exceptional pediatrician, which means seeking help from Dr. Ash Sheehanโ€”a man that, despite her heart-pounding crush, isn't her type. Her life is horses and hay, and she can't imagine the suit-clad doctor in a pair of cowboy boots. As a confirmed bachelor, Ash has never been nervous around women, but there's something about Jordan that flusters him, and working closely together doesn't help. The last thing he's looking for is long-term romance. But the more involved he gets, the more he wishes they could stay togetherโ€ฆalways.


A heartwarming story of love, family and looking beyond the surface to find who really lies beneath! I adored this book. The sad beginning pulls at your heartstrings immediately and endears you to little Levi from the start, and watching how life changes with him in it is very rewarding. Some of the characters are familiar if you happened to read the first book in this series, but if you are like me and missed it, I guarantee you will pick up the history without a problem. It’s faith based romance at it’s best!

Jordan Conley doesn’t know exactly what she’s in for when she steps in for her sister and agrees to foster a traumatized little boy, but she soon learns how much he needs her! Not only is his immediate situation concerning, but his future has the potential to be dire as well. She’s happy to have a great doctor in the family … even if she does get flustered when she’s around him!

Pediatrician Ash Sheehan is on hand when she first meets Levi and assures her he will be with her throughout as they try to get this precious little boy settled. She’s always had a crush on him, but he’s so far from the type of man that she wants that it’s not funny. Ash doesn’t know she likes him, but he finds himself feeling sparks the more time they spend together. He’s lived a different type of life over the years because of scars left over from his past, but he’s starting to see the benefit in settling down and having a family!


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