* Review * A COTTAGE WEDDING by Leigh Duncan

* Review * A COTTAGE WEDDING by Leigh DuncanA Cottage Wedding by Leigh Duncan
Series: Heart's Landing #2
Published by Hallmark Publishing on June 2, 2020
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It’s more than a charming small town—
it’s a premier wedding destination.
But will one journalist ruin Heart’s Landing forever?

Tara Stewart’s boss at Weddings Today magazine sends her to Heart’s Landing to debunk its romantic legends. This could devastate the many local businesses who cater to weddings, from Forget Me Knot Florist to Dress for a Day.

The locals convince Jason Heart, the handsome descendant of the town’s founder, to show Tara around the town. But can he persuade her to believe in the romance?


Heartwarmingly sweet! With the second book in her enchanting Heart’s Landing series Leigh Duncan delights her readers with a return visit to the cozy wedding town in A COTTAGE WEDDING.

Tara Stewart is an easy to connect with character. She’s part of the junior staff at Weddings Today magazine and is thrilled when her boss sends her on an assignment that could jump start the next phase of her career … only problem is, she’s supposed to be finding fault with Heart’s Landing but finds it nothing but delightful every where she turns.

Jason Heart is quick to jump into our heart as a town favorite. He’s self-assured and always out to help the town succeed. As a direct descendant of the town founder, he’s got a plethora of historical items that tell the story of the town … and Tara is only too happy to dig into it all in search of a story.

I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a tight knit small town filled with quirky characters and endearing connections.


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