* Review * A MERRY AUSSIE CHRISTMAS by Stefanie London

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A MERRY AUSSIE CHRISTMAS by Stefanie LondonA Merry Aussie Christmas by Stefanie London
Series: Holidays in the Bluff #1
on November 30, 2021
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Their relationship is so fake it comes with costumes…

At seventeen, Jasper left Patterson’s Bluff so fast the dust cloud never settled. But when fate brings him back, he’s ready to prove he’s not a bad egg like his criminal father. So, he slaps some reindeer antlers on his Basset Hound and volunteers to be Santa for the festive season.

Being her hometown’s official Mrs. Claus was supposed to be fun. Instead, Evie is stuck being “married” to the sexy bad boy she crushed on in high school. The same one who broke her heart when he left town. But she can’t deny their chemistry burns hotter than an open fire.

It’ll take a holiday miracle for them not to ruin Christmas. Can the misunderstood bad boy and the town golden girl get a second chance at love? Or will Evie be stuck in Jasper’s rear-view mirror once more?

A Merry Aussie Christmas contains Aussie slang, adorable dog-related shenanigans, second chances and the bedroom door is flung wide open! Yep, there's sexytimes inside. Previously published in the Christmas Actually anthology, this story now contains 50% additional content.


Naughty Santa just might be the temptation Mrs. Claus needs to live a little! Stefanie London is pouring on the Aussie holiday feels with this delightful small town romance and I loved every single minute of it. The characters both have a back story that explains who they have become in life and seeing them reconnect and begin to develop a relationship of their own is heartwarming. I can’t wait for a return to Patterson Bluff in the future!

Jasper is such a sweetheart! He’s misunderstand and under appreciated, but his heart is pure gold and I loved seeing him get the redemption he so justly deserved.

Evie is the town delight and is beloved by everyone, but she holds herself back. Jasper is just the sexy fun she needs to prove to her once and for all that she’s meant to set the world on fire.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a holiday read to get you in the spirit of Christmas. There’s seriousness, there’s laughter and there’s a yummy romance brewing throughout.


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