* Review * BIG SWINGING D by Tara Sue Me

* Review * BIG SWINGING D by Tara Sue MeBig Swinging D by Tara Sue Me
Series: Wall Street Royals #2
Published by After Six Publishing on June 11, 2019
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Conquer. Control. Command. They have. They are. They will. They are the Wall Street Royals, men at the top of their game who are about to be mastered by the one thing they never counted on: love.

Don’t miss the second book in the seductively sexy new series by New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me.

Big Swinging D: Term used for the baddest badass on Wall Street. That guy. The one other men want to be and that women just want.

Maggie Warren has always been unfocused. She hops from job to job, and relationship to relationship. Most of the time, she’s not even looking where she’s going. Which is exactly what happens when she runs into Isaac Gregory, trips over her feet, and dumps a year’s worth of compost all over his hand-stitched suit and one-of-a-kind leather shoes.

Isaac’s never met anyone like Maggie. She’s nothing like the women he works with, or the submissives he typically dates. Sure, she’s got a knockout body and a wit to match, but she’s a free spirit and hopelessly scattered. He should not be attracted to her. But he is.

After hearing she’s between jobs, he offers her his recently vacated Personal Assistant position. She readily agrees, but isn’t sure why he’d hire her. He’s her exact opposite: structured, organized, and controlled.

Boy, does he like control. And it intrigues her, especially when she discovers his private life.

Isaac’s not surprised when Maggie grows more and more interested in both of the worlds she sees him in: the public boardroom badass and the private well-respected Dominant. He tells her if she’s interested, he has a plan. A plan so hedonistic it could only be proposed by the man nicknamed the Big Swinging D.

But even Wall Street isn’t prepared for the fallout when the king of control falls for the queen of chaos.


An unlikely match turns up the heat in Tara Sue Me’s next book in the Wall Street Royals series! We met the delectable Isaac in the previous book starring Lance and Celeste. He’s a successful businessman by day and a self-assured dominant by night. The story was sexy and fun and we got to reconnect with the past characters as well. I’m looking forward to getting Ty and Lillian’s story soon!

Maggie Warren is something of a free spirit. She flits between job not able to decide on exactly what it is that satisfies her in life, but she happily juggles it all with a smile on her face. It’s that exact attitude that keeps her from totally freaking out when she accidentally dumps an entire compost container on a gorgeous stranger on the street.

Isaac Gregory shouldn’t even take a second look at Maggie considering how scattered she seems to be, but he finds himself offering her his newly vacated personal assistant position and facing a non-stop attraction to her. She’s not the type he normally goes for, and when she finds out the lifestyle he leads, he’s sure she’ll run for the hills … but when Maggie surprises him and is actually intrigued instead, things just might get dicey here because he doesn’t mess with employees!


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