* Review * BUTTERFLY KISSES by Leigh Duncan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BUTTERFLY KISSES by Leigh DuncanButterfly Kisses by Leigh Duncan
Series: The Orange Blossom Series #1
Published by Gardenia Street Publishing on June 13, 2017
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Justine Gale just got incredible news. The struggling single mom has inherited the flourishing citrus grove where she spent idyllic summers and formed lifelong friendships. Once on the fast track to success, Justine has recently learned her five-year-old daughter faces a lifetime of expensive medical treatments. Treatments, she can't afford. The decision to sell the land her family has owned for generations seems like the simple and smart way for Justine to provide for her daughter's future. But when she returns to Orange Blossom, she quickly realizes her plans could hurt every resident of the small town that depends on Castle Grove to survive.

Justine's dilemma is only complicated by Nate Rhodes, her first love and now Orange Blossom's mayor, who stakes his own claim to the land she has inherited. He'll do whatever it takes to stop her, even if it means losing the woman he loves...one more time.

A wonderful kick-off to a new women’s fiction series by Leigh Duncan! Three friends spent summers together in an idyllic camp-like setting where nature and friends who became family made for great summertime fun! This series is about them traveling back to their vacation spot and reconnecting as life moves on around them and they deal with the ups and downs of being a grown up with responsibilities instead of the worry-free children they once were! The characters are great, the story line draws you in quickly and it’s a joy to see where life takes them now.

Justine Gale is working hard to make ends meet the best she can for her young daughter. She once had big dreams but life didn’t work out the way she planned and she’s been left treading water to stay afloat for awhile now. When she receives word that she has inherited the citrus grove where she spent those sweet summers as a kid, she thinks her prayers have been answered! She has just received a diagnosis for her little girl that is going to cost a lot of money … money that she has no dream of having. She heads back to Orange Blossom, Florida to get the process going on selling her inheritance so she will be able to provide for her daughter … until she runs into a problem … Nate Rhodes … her first love!

Nate was the one she left behind to chase those big dreams she had, so he’s not overly thrilled to see her back in town. Especially after he just found out she’s taking over and planing to sell the groves … HIS groves! He will fight her tooth and nail to save the business he’s put his blood, sweat and tears into establishing if it’s the last thing he does!



  1. WOW this one sounds great I might need to add it to my never ending TBR pile thanks for a great review Lynn

    Have Fun

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