* Review * CORNERSTONE OF LOVE by Susan Carlisle

* Review * CORNERSTONE OF LOVE by Susan CarlisleCornerstone of Love by Susan Carlisle
Series: Modern Masters of Their Castle #1
on March 17, 2020
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Ian Chalmers’s dream life didn’t include becoming the Earl of Hartley or the CEO of Hartley International Shipping, but he obediently accepted the responsibilities when his father and older brother are killed. Duty to the Hartley title and business reputation becomes his all-consuming focus. Ian’s world revolves around unending work and doing what’s expected of him. Then a nerve-wracking, albeit completely fascinating, free-spirited female enters his structured life and turns it upside down.

Allison Moore is the American constructional engineer hired to direct the repairs on Hartley castle. Despite their instant attraction, Allison doesn’t appreciate Ian’s high-handed control of everything in his sphere of influence. Still she’s determined to placate the vexing ‘master of the castle’ in order to get the job done, bringing her another step closer to achieving her life’s goal of having a home of her own. Her strategy is complicated then frustrated when Ian’s kisses prove so delicious her treacherous heart undermines her immunity to his charm.

With the project almost complete and their sizzling interlude ending, Ian and Allison must decide what they want most in life. Is it possible they’ve each been laboring towards the wrong goals? Could what they have with each other be the cornerstone of true love?


Love when they least expect it! With the first book in a new Modern Masters of Their Castles series, Susan Carlisle steps out of her medical romance roots and delights her readers with a whimsical dash of royalty. In CORNERSTONE OF LOVE, we meet a reluctant Earl and a confidant tradeswoman who instantly connect.

Ian Chalmers became  Earl of Hartley upon his father and older brother’s death and though it was never the way he expected to live his life, he stepped up heartily and throws himself into his responsibilities … at the expense of his own happiness.

Allison Moore is an expert in her field of structural engineering and restoration, but she’s looking to move forward in her life and make a few more of her dreams come true.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a strong feminine heroine weaved into a royal romance. The characters showed spunk and a whole lot of heart. I enjoyed it and look forward to more in the series.


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