* Review * DAMAGED KINGDOM by MJ Crouch

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * DAMAGED KINGDOM by MJ CrouchDamaged Kingdom by MJ Crouch
Series: Gilded Empire #2
Published by Calamittie Jane Publishing on May 3, 2024
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Mari Marcosa always knew she would die young, so being left to bleed out on a warehouse floor is no shock to her.

But as the blood seeps from her body, her thoughts aren’t of the Marcosa empire she's ruled for years, or the city she's given everything to protect.

It's on the three men who’ve stood by her side:
Greyson: her soul, her foundation. So hard and reserved, showing emotion only to Mari.

Dominic: her heart, her first love. He’s a dreamer but can wreck her in the best ways possible.

Nate: her comfort, her peace. He soothes and calms Mari even though she's only known him a short time.

Her enemies have done their best to destroy her, and now it’s up to her men to piece her back together.

They will do anything to make that happen. But they can’t protect her from the threat none of them ever saw coming...


Author’s note: Damaged Kingdom is the second book in the Gilded Empire series which should be read in order. This is a "Why Choose?" romance with violence, dark themes, and ruthlessly possessive—and protective—men.


Explosive secrets are unraveling! DAMAGED KINGDOM is the second book in MJ Crouch’s Gilded Empire series and is NOT a stand-alone read and ends on a cliffhanger. The characters all endeared themselves to this reader in the first book in the series, so it was easy to pick up this one and continue on with what we knew about their lives and the danger surrounding them. The angst and drama is top notch, but I felt like this one drug a bit in character connection. I liked them already, but there wasn’t a lot of depth coming out that was new or unique to keep me hanging on with baited breath to see what was going to happen next. I enjoyed the read and think the storyline has big potential, this one was just a bit slow and unfulfilling for me. I’m looking forward to the fireworks that are about to explode when book three gets here after this cliffhanger though!

I recommend this book as well as the first in the series to anyone who enjoys a reverse harem, why-choose mafia storyline. Dark romance and hidden secrets. This series must be read in order and each book ends on a cliffhanger.


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