* Review * DOMINIK by Sawyer Bennett

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * DOMINIK by Sawyer BennettDominik by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Arizona Vengeance #6
Published by Big Dog Books, LLC on February 18, 2020
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I built myself up from nothing. A product of the foster care system, I learned early on how to fight hard to get what I want. Whether it was starting my first company in college, earning my first billion, or buying my first professional sports team, I know how to get what I want, when I want it.

Until now.

Willow Monahan is fierce, independent, and hot as hell. She also takes great pleasure in shutting down my advances. The younger sister of one of my star players, Willow intrigues me to my very core. And while she may have willingly given me her body, she is hesitant to offer up more. Now I’m on a mission to find out why.

I’ve decided to approach my desire for Willow like I’ve approached much of my life; with persistence, determination, and a whole lot of that Dominik Carlson alpha charm. Buying a hockey expansion team, building the Arizona Vengeance from the ground up, and bringing home a championship may prove to be an easier feat than winning Willow’s heart.

But I’ve never been a quitter.

Willow Monahan… I’m coming for you.


With DOMINIK, the sixth book in her Arizona Vengeance series,  Sawyer Bennett brings us the scorching hot story of team owner Dominik and the sister of one of his players! We’ve seen the hinting in a previous book or two about their hook-ups, but nothing has prepared us for this hunky man.

Dominik built himself up from nothing, and he appreciates every single minute of his life. He’s suave, he’s dashing and he’s utterly charming in how much he just plain cares about his employees, friends and team members. I adored him!

Willow just needs someone to wallop her with a pillow a time or two. She has a bit of a past that we haven’t heard about previously and she is living in her head way too much and about to miss out on this dream of a man who is really into her. It all starts as a good time, but before long it’s more serious than anything they’ve ever experienced.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series. It’s not only explosive hockey, but this team is filled with drama, love and friendship. I leave every book hoping that the next isn’t too far down the road. Highly recommend the Arizona Vengeance!


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