* Review * FAKED AND FUMBLED by Gina Azzi

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FAKED AND FUMBLED by Gina AzziFaked and Fumbled by Gina Azzi
Series: Knoxville Coyotes Football #1
Published by Three Cities Publishing LLC on November 30, 2023
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Knoxville Coyotes football heartthrob Cohen Miller is my brother’s best friend. Now, he’s the man posing as my fake boyfriend. Simple, right? Wrong.

I thought my luck couldn’t get worse than when my long-term boyfriend publicly dumped me. Wrong again. Now, my ex is dating my cousin, and our friend group is embarking on an annual ski trip.

Desperate to save face, I beg Cohen to pretend to like me. To bluff wanting me. To lay it on thick to convince my friends that I’m not heartbroken or hurt. I’m not damaged goods. That I have, in fact, moved on.

But during the trip, things change. Cohen’s longing glances make my heart race. His casual, familiar touches stir up new feelings. And his kiss? His kiss makes me yearn for things I’ve never experienced before.

Toss in one bed, an epic snowstorm, and a gossip circle a mile wide, and I’m praying we don’t fumble our fake relationship.


Super cute and steamy! The first book in Gina Azzi’s Knoxville Coyotes football series is bringing a few familiar faces to the forefront when we reconnect with Raia Callaway and Cohen Miller. I really enjoyed them as a couple and their connection was very satisfying, but I wanted a bit more overall. Their story was great, but felt rushed and underdeveloped. I’m looking forward to diving into the series and seeing more of these guys for sure!

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys sports romance and close knit teammates and friend groups rallying around each other. I’m looking forward to this series!


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