* Review * FINDING ASHLEY by Danielle Steel

* Review * FINDING ASHLEY by Danielle SteelFinding Ashley by Danielle Steel
Published by Delacorte Press on April 27, 2021
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In this blockbuster novel from Danielle Steel, two estranged sisters get the chance to connect again and right the wrongs of the past.

Melissa Henderson is leading a quiet life. Once a bestselling author, she now pours all her energy into renovating a Victorian house nestled in the foothills of rural New England. Six years ago, she lost her young son to cancer, and her marriage dissolved. She stopped writing. It was only when she bought the old house that Melissa found a purpose, and came alive as she made it beautiful again.

After a wildfire that threatens her home appears on the news, Melissa receives a call from her sister, Hattie. They were close once, but that was before Melissa withdrew from the world. Now Hattie, who became a nun at twenty-five, is determined to help Melissa turn a new page, even if it means reopening one of the most painful chapters of her life.

At sixteen, a pregnant Melissa was sent to a gloomy convent in Ireland to have— and give up—her baby, to spare the family shame. All these years later, Hattie feels compelled to embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever, and track down the child Melissa gave up.

Finding Ashley is a masterpiece of contemporary drama and tells a gripping story of the strength of the human spirit to chase an impossible dream. It is the story of two strong, brave women turning wrenching loss into reconnection, and a family reunited after bringing dark secrets into the light.


You’ll be caught up in this emotional journey in no time! Danielle Steel weaves a tale like no other, so I’m always prepared to be drawn into her characters quickly and FINDING ASHLEY was no exception. The backstory is powerful, the main characters are attention grabbing and the coming reunion is at the top of our mind as we move through the story. I loved it!

Melissa is so easy to sympathize with. Her world fell apart when she lost her young son to cancer, and the salvation of remodeling an old Victorian house became her life for the last few years. While reconnecting with her sister, she divulges info from the past that leads to a discovery.

Hattie has given her life to the pleasure of serving god and his people, so when she sees a window into easing her sister’s suffering, she sets out on a journey of healing. Along the way her beliefs are challenged and her past resurfaces.

I loved the emotional depth that arose from this story and each aspect of it. Highly recommend!


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