* Review * GUARDING CLARA by Barb Han

* Review * GUARDING CLARA by Barb HanGuarding Clara by Barb Han
Series: Texas Guardians #2, Brotherhood Protectors World
Published by Twisted Page Press, LLC on April 11, 2020
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Daniel Damon just might be the last hope for Clara Robins. Her niece has gone missing while out of the country on vacation and the government is doing almost nothing to help find the missing teen. The resort is calling Ashlyn a runaway, but Clara knows better. Family is complicated and time is running out. Convincing the ex-Special Operations soldier to take the job is her first challenge. Keeping emotions in check when their chemistry sizzles might just undo them both.


An unlikely connection! With book two in her Texas Guardians series Barb Han once again takes us into the Brotherhood Protectors World by Elle James to bring her story to life. We are quickly drawn in by Daniel’s story and once Clara comes into the picture, we’re along for the ride as they connect and go on the hunt of a lifetime.

Daniel Damon is attention grabbing. His world collapsed around him and he chose not to pick up the pieces. He’s only coming out of the hovel he made for himself because an old friend pulls at a weakness in his heart a little too hard.

Clara Robins has a reader’s sympathy from the start as we hear about her concern over her missing niece that no one seems to care to look for. Once she connects with Daniel and they set out on their recovery mission, sparks fly and truths are unraveled.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys seeing a former soldier fight his way through the past and come out on the other side of life. I enjoyed them!


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