* Review * HER SILENT BONES by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HER SILENT BONES by Pamela Fagan HutchinsHer Silent Bones by Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Series: Detective Delaney Pace #1
Published by Bookouture on January 16, 2024
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Fifteen years ago I watched my father’s murder.

Now, having never truly recovered from losing her father all those years ago, Detective Delaney Pace is devastated when her brother and sister-in-law are killed in a car crash. Packing up her life she heads back to the rugged cowboy town of Kearney, Wyoming. Her niece Kateena is just eleven years old and Delaney will do anything to keep her safe…

Now there’s another killer on the loose, and he’s already taken his first victim.

New to the local police force, when a body is found on a secluded mountain trail Delaney is called to the scene. Surrounded by imposing pine trees, a young woman lies still in the moonlight. Gazing into her dark, unblinking eyes Delaney’s heart pounds wildly in her chest as she recognises the victim. It’s her beloved sister-in-law: Kateena’s mother, Lila. But she died weeks before. Didn’t she?

There’s evil lurking in this town and I’ll stop at nothing to hunt down the truth and deliver justice.

With Kateena traumatised all over again, when Delaney links Lila’s murder back to the place where her own father was killed she realizes she must face her own dark past to catch the man responsible. But little does she know that the killer has already made their next deadly move. Back at home, Kateena should be in bed sleeping soundly, but her room is empty. Kateena is missing…

Can Delaney uncover the truth behind the killings and save Kateena before it’s too late?


Fast paced and highly addictive! I was quicky hooked on this series and this new to me author. While bits of the beginning seemed a little overly enunciated to the point of being almost too descriptive, once I got my feet under me with getting to know Delaney Pace and her back story along with the current crimes happening in front of her, the writing style relaxed a bit and I was fully on board with the pace. The core characters are well developed and very easy to relate to, and the danger and intrigue is spot on. I fully enjoyed my first dip into Delaney’s life and look forward to continuing the saga!


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