REVIEW – Her Soldier’s Touch – J.M. Stewart

Her Soldier's Touch


Sergeant First Class Colten Taylor retires after 20 years in the army and returns to his childhood home in Phoenix.  He’s heartbroken as he does so, because he’s home to bury his little brother Paul, who finally succumbed to his years of addiction and died of an overdose.  The last of his family is gone.  Or so he thinks.

Rachel Madison is there to pick him up from the airport.  He hasn’t seen her since he left her bed 6 years earlier.  She was best friends with Paul when they were younger, even dating him for a short time before drugs overtook his life and changed him.  He dreads telling her about Paul’s death, but little does he know she has a bombshell of her own to drop on him.  A 5 year old son … that looks exactly like him!

Colten isn’t sure he can stick around and be a father.  He is haunted by his childhood.  An abusive father, a mother that committed suicide and left he and his brother to continue to take the beatings instead of being brave enough to leave her abuser.  He’s terrified he’s going to be just like his father.

Rachel has demons of her own.  She is mad at Colten for walking out on her six years ago, and can’t bring herself to forgive him.  She thinks he’ll always abandon her just like her father did.  Leaving her to be raised by her addict mother.  She figures it’s better to be alone than to be hurt over and over again.

Can Colten overcome his fear and be the father his son deserves?  Can he convince Rachel to take a chance on him even though he doesn’t think he’s worthy?

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  1. Wow the characters sound like they’ve got a whole mess of issues to work through! Sounds like a good one.

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