* Review * HOT SHOT by Kat Mizera

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HOT SHOT by Kat MizeraHot Shot by Kat Mizera
Series: Lauderdale Knights #4
on December 27, 2022
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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale—where the days are hot and the Knights are hotter.

I’ve been in love with the same girl since we were seventeen. Back before our careers took off and pulled us away from one another. No amount of fame, money, or puck bunnies could ever replace Scarlett. But she has a mind of her own, and dreams that don’t include me. We might not want the same things in life, but we still want each other. No matter how hard she fights it, she can’t deny that truth. I just need to prove to her it’s enough… we’re enough.

I didn’t want to have to choose between Wolf and surfing, but I couldn’t have both. As much as he hates to admit it, neither of us might be where we are now if I hadn’t walked away. His life is about being the best on the ice, and mine is chasing down the next wave. I refuse to give it all up for a guy— even if he is the only guy I’ve ever loved.

A single mistake changes everything… turning both our worlds upside down. Now I have to figure out how to regain balance, not just in my life, but with Wolf. This time, there’s no bailing… even if it means a wipeout.

Author's note: There are some difficult themes in this story. For CW information, please check this book's page on my website.


An emotional roller coaster of meant-to-be vs career. With the fourth book in the Lauderdale Knights series Kat Mizera is delivering a sexy, heart wrenching tale that had me hooked quickly and hung up on every page from start to finish. I’m really loving this hockey franchise!

Wolf is kind, sincere and loyal and the fact that he hasn’t stopped loving his first love during all of these years apart goes to show how deep what they shared touched him.

Scarlett protects her heart by attempting to stay closed off from Wolf, but she admits to herself on a daily basis how much she loves him … she just doesn’t tell him much anymore.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that loves to read a hockey romance where the players know how to play hard and love just as deeply while having close friendships and successful careers.


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