* Review * ICING IT by Emma Foxx

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * ICING IT by Emma FoxxIcing It by Emma Fox
Series: Chicago Racketeers
Published by Blake Wilder Books, LLC on March 29, 2024
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Sex is a fantastic stress reliever.

Or so I’m told by the two hot guys who offer to help me get over some of my work-induced anxiety by getting under both of them.

I say yes. For one night.

And proceed to have my world rocked. For three days.

I can not afford that kind of distraction. As fun as it was, I have a business to run, a loan to pay off, and a life to live that does not include any extra commitments or responsibilities. Especially not a golden retriever hockey player and a bossy billionaire who are in love with each other and want to make me the third in their long-term plans.

And let’s not even talk about the third guy who wants to date me. He’s my brother’s coach. And twelve years older than me. But he’s also a single dad to a pretty great teenage son, and his competence and gentlemanly behavior are really hard to resist.

Of course, there’s also the not-so-gentlemanly things he says and does behind bedroom doors…

Then they all go and fall in love with me. Even though one of them is definitely not interested in making this a full-time foursome.

And the icing on top?

I’ve fallen for them, too. All of them.

How can I possibly choose?

Worse, how can I possibly walk away?

Icing It is a steamy, fun why-choose rom com! No cheating, and a guaranteed HEA!


Hubba hubba … they’re at it again!! The writing dynamo of Erin Nicholas and Erin McCarthy are continuing to knock their reader’s socks off as pen name Emma Foxx with this delightful continuation of the Chicago Racketeers series with Luna getting her own passel of men to delight her every whim! I am addicted and happily ready to devour book after book of these three guys and a gal. I wanted a slight bit more drama behind the conflicts that had the potential to arise here with her bro being connected to a couple of the guys, but the emotion and sexy goodness were spot on and I loved every single minute of them together! Please take my money and keep delivering the goods!

I highly recommend this book as well as the rest of the series centering around Dani, Crew, Michael and Nathan to anyone who enjoys lots of sexy times with no need to pick just one guy when three are at her beck and call. Lots of humor, so much heart and oodles of steamy scenes for all.


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