* Review * INTERFERING by Jami Davenport

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * INTERFERING by Jami DavenportInterfering by Jami Davenport
Series: Portland Icehawks #4
Published by Cedrona Enterprises LLC on October 26, 2023
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I've never had a man be kind to me unless he wanted something, so when a gorgeous hockey star shows interest, I don't believe it's genuine. I was a throwaway child of a drug addict and I learned to survive in dark places. Now I'm determined to get my life on track, and I don’t need complications, especially from a drop-dead gorgeous professional hockey player with delusions of rescuing me. I don't need to be rescued by him or anyone else. I'm doing it on my own.


I'm attracted to Heidi and have been from the moment I saw her. Timid Heidi brings out my protective instincts, but my interest goes beyond that. Sure, I know where she's been and what she's had to do just to stay alive, but instead of disrespecting her, I admire her ability to rise above her unfortunate circumstances.

Heidi's still harboring secrets, and they're driving a wedge between us. And that's not the only wedge, my sisters have invaded my little piece of paradise and set up an animal rescue on my small farm. I don't like chaos, and my sisters don't like Heidi. Not exactly a recipe for a happily ever after, but I'm bound and determined get what I want because losing isn't an option.


Angsty goodness! The next book in Jami Davenport’s addictive Portland Icehawks hockey romance series centers around Heidi and Trent and all the emotional feels. I don’t typically feel like you have to read a series in order to get a full appreciation, but with this one there are some big happenings in previous books that aid in the satisfaction of what unravels in this one, so I would highly recommend you read this series in order for full enjoyment. The characters are easy to like, the pace is fast and attention grabbing and the happily ever after is enjoyable. I felt like the ending was quite rushed and would have liked a bit more development there, but overall a very solid read that I highly enjoyed. Looking forward to more in the series!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sports romance with lots of heart filled friendships as each teammate finds their forever love with his sidekicks at his side cheering him on.


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