* Review * INTO THE FLAMES by Jessica Ames

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * INTO THE FLAMES by Jessica AmesInto the Flames by Jessica Ames
Series: Royal Bastards MC: Liverpool, England #1
on November 23, 2021
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I've never played by the rules. Women don't run gangs, yet I'm the leader of the biggest one in Liverpool. No one knows I've stepped into my father's shoes and that I'm making changes. Taking on the Royal Bastards MC is not a good idea, but I want the wealth and power they have. I want my family's legacy to live on long after I'm gone. Doing that means making difficult decisions. I didn't expect the Royal Bastards to retaliate so savagely.

Now, I'm prisoner of their President, a man who goes by the name of Mouth. He's dangerous, vicious and he wants to make my father pay for crimes I've committed. Can I survive his wrath?


This prissy woman is a thorn in my side, but she's the only way to exact my revenge. Crossing the Bastards is an instant death sentence, and when I'm done with Genevieve, her father is going to beg for mercy I won't deliver. I'm not someone to cross without retribution and mine will be swift. I will destroy The Dockland Gang and every person associated with them, including Desmond's pretty little daughter. She's a doll I want play with and I will break her down piece by piece, because now that she's in my control I'm never letting her go.

*Warning : Contains adult content, reading age 18 +. Graphic violence and dark emotional scenes that may trigger some readers.


Gritty, raw and consuming! With the first book in her Royal Bastards MC: Liverpool, England series Jessica Ames delivers an MC romance with a twist. In INTO THE FLAMES we have an MC President taking on the gutsy new female head of a deadly street gang who is out to take over his territory. It’s unorthodox and I wanted a bit more development to take me into the heart of their worlds, but I enjoyed the two characters together very much. I’m looking forward to more to come in the series.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good group of MC guys who are loyal to a fault and don’t take any gruff off of anyone.


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