* Review * MANHUNT ON MYSTIC MESA by Cindi Myers

* Review * MANHUNT ON MYSTIC MESA by Cindi MyersManhunt on Mystic Mesa by Cindi Myers
Series: The Ranger Brigade: Family Secrets
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on August 1, 2017
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A rule-following ranger finds himself on the hunt for a killerโ€”and falling for a woman who should be off-limitsโ€ฆ

On the hunt for a serial killer, ranger Ryan Spencer can't afford any distraction. But Jana Lassiter, sister to one of the missing women, won't let Ryan investigate Mystic Mesa alone. Even though the seasoned officer has always been by the book, something tells him it wouldn't be so bad to break a few rules for Jana.

When Jana's life is suddenly jeopardized, the lawman is forced to face his darkest fears. He's allowed desire to overshadow duty. Now he has to rein in his emotions to save Jana from becoming the next victim. Because losing this woman he's inexplicably fallen for will destroy this warrior forever.

A good mystery with several ups and downs that make us think it’s one person then second guessing to think it might be a different one. When the truth comes out, we’re along for the ride. I felt like the ending was too abrupt and we should have gotten a little more conclusion after all was sad and done, but overall, it was an attention keeping read!

Ryan Spencer is new to the Ranger Brigade, but he’s jumping in feet first into a missing person’s case with the third woman of a similar age freshly missing. When the latest victim’s sister shows up, he’s instantly drawn to her and allows her to accompany him as he hunts for details.

Jana Lassister will do anything to find her sister. She’s determined to stay on top of getting the police to track her down, and she puts herself out there to ask questions from everyone in her sister’s life before her disappearance. When she finds herself the latest target for the madman, Ryan steps in to keep her safe and the attraction they’ve been feeling towards each other explodes!


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