* Review * MISSION: COLTON JUSTICE by Jennifer Morey

* Review * MISSION: COLTON JUSTICE by Jennifer MoreyMission: Colton Justice by Jennifer Morey
Series: The Coltons of Shadow Creek
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on October 1, 2017
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When his wife, Tess, died, tech mogul Jeremy Kincaid's perfect world broke apart. Their young son is the light of his life, but Jeremy can't shake suspicions that her death was no accident. Did presumed-dead Livia Colton orchestrate Tess's car accident? Jeremy risks everything by enlisting beautiful PI Adeline Winters to uncover the truth.

Adeline once served as Tess and Jeremy's egg donor and surrogate. Giving up her baby was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, yet she can't turn down Jeremy's plea for help now. But Adeline and Jeremy must push aside their slow-burning attraction when kidnappers place the ultimate bargaining chip on the table: their son.


Suspenseful action with lots of heart string tugging! I really enjoyed the premise to this story … he loses his wife, is left to raise their son on his own, and reaches out to a PI to see if his wife’s death really was an accident — but the PI just so happens to be their previous surrogate and bio Mom to his son! It had a great underlying connection between them, but unfortunately it struggled to play out in a way to keep me connected with the story line. It really felt like there were too many possible bad guys and the constant going from one direction to another pulled the attention away from the core plot. It had great possibility with the core characters, but too much of a mish-mashed story line to be satisfying.

Tech mogul Jeremy Kincaid adores his son and will do anything to give him the life he deserves. He lost his wife when their son was very young, and he can’t let go of the suspicion that her car accident wasn’t truly an accident. He decides he needs to pursue it once and for all and see if he can get the answers he needs to let it rest.

Private investigator Adeline Winters is thrown when Jeremy contacts her to investigate his wife’s accident. She was previously their egg donor and surrogate for their son, so she’s surprised he would reach out to her now. She never quite got over the heartbreak of handing over her baby, so when handed the opportunity to see him again, she jumps at the chance. Time spent together leads to bonding between them all, and Jeremy isn’t sure he even wants to deny the attraction he feels for her anymore.


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