** Review ** ON THE LINE Victoria Denault

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  ON THE LINE  Victoria DenaultOn the Line by Victoria Denault
Series: Hometown Players
Published by Forever Yours on December 6, 2016
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He had total control of his game--until she changed all the rules . . .

As one of the best players in the NHL and the "golden boy" of the league, Avery Westwood knows he has to keep his cool--on and off the ice. His whole life is a carefully constructed image of perfection for the media and his brand sponsors. Of course, that means he can never let his true feelings show. But when it comes to the sexy sister of his former teammate, Avery might be willing to make an exception . . . even if it means breaking all his own rules.

As far as Stephanie Deveau is concerned, having a thing for Avery is the equivalent of psychological napalm. Très bad idea. Then he moves in next door, all sexy smiles and a deliciously hot body that she can't resist. Something's happening between them--it's intense, a little (a lot) out of control, and real. Only Avery doesn't know everything about Stephanie's past. And the one exception to his rule might just be the one girl who could destroy his career.

Sexy, sweet and explosive!  With the next in her Hometown Players hockey series, Victoria Denault brings us golden boy Avery Westwood’s story.  There’s a sweet side to him that comes out only for Stephanie, and watching them fight their attraction and then fall hard is so much fun!  Great group of main and supporting characters.  Love these guys!

Avery Westwood is the league’s golden child and can do no wrong in the NHL, but he has worked long and hard to make and keep that pristine reputation!  For once, he just wants to let his guard down and enjoy being his true self … and he knows just who brings that feeling out in him!

Stephanie Deveau is the sister of one of his former teammates and good friends, so setting his sights on her is dangerous, but she really gets him!  Stephanie feels the pull as well, but she knows she is far from the type of girl Avery’s reputation dictates he be with, so she tries to hold back her feelings … but it’s impossible to resist him!

When secrets come to light, will there be a future for these two?


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