* Review * ROOM TO BREATHE by Liz Talley

* Review * ROOM TO BREATHE by Liz TalleyRoom to Breathe by Liz Talley
Published by Montlake Romance on November 1, 2019
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For a good part of Daphne Witt’s life, she was a supportive wife and dutiful mother. Now that she’s divorced and her daughter, Ellery, is all grown up, Daphne’s celebrating the best part of her life, a successful career, and a flirtation with an attentive hunk fifteen years her junior…who happens to be her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

Ellery is starting over, too. She’s fresh out of college. Her job prospects are dim. And to support her fiancé in med school, she’s returned home as her mother’s new assistant. Ellery never expected her own life plan to take such a detour. With no outlet for her frustration, she lets an online flirtation go a little too far, especially considering her pen pal thinks he’s corresponding with her mother.

As love lives tangle, secrets spill, and indiscretions are betrayed, mother and daughter will have a lot to learn—not only about the mistakes they’ve made but also about the men in their lives and the women they are each hoping to become.


ROOM TO BREATHE by Liz Talley is light, refreshing and filled with southern charm! Though some serious matters are tackled between a mother and her grown daughter, the dialogue is kept upbeat throughout with moments that have you laughing, while others pull at your heartstrings. I found the characters believable and their stories quite interesting.

Daphne is a complex character. As a reader, I found myself cheering for her and her side of things more often than not because though she’s a strong, independent lady, she hasn’t been treated fairly much in her life. She’s easy to connect with, easy to forgive her faults, and an inspiration to us all on how to enjoy the life that comes along when we least expect it.

Ellery is a character that it’s hard not to try to reach into the book and shake some sense into on occasion because she’s the very definition of a spoiled brat. The hard knocks of life come visiting her door though and she’s going to have to learn how to pull herself together and achieve greatness on her own.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a story that draws you in and holds your attention through. I didn’t want to put it down because I just had to keep knowing what was going to happen next. The characters draw your attention in immediately and don’t let up on their drama filled lives. I really enjoyed Daphne and Ellery’s stories!


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