* Review * SERIOUSLY PUCKED by Emma Foxx

* Review * SERIOUSLY PUCKED by Emma FoxxSeriously Pucked by Emma Foxx
Series: Chicago Racketeers #3
Published by Blake Wilder Books on January 19, 2024
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Chicago Racketeers Book Three

Dating and falling in love is fun.

Getting serious is…well, serious.

It means real-life situations, like fathers getting sick, people you love getting injured, and…maybe worst of all…work parties with your significant others. Shudder.

But this is what it’s like when you’re in a relationship. Things aren’t always rainbows and unicorns. Even if you’re living and laughing with, and having hot sex every night, with three men who worship the ground you walk on. Trust me, that’s amazing. Really amazing. I’d-probably-give-up-cookies-for-this amazing. And best of all…my men would never make me give up cookies.

But I’m having to hang on a lot tighter for this ride than I expected. Because I’m not just figuring things out with one guy. I’ve got three. And if we’re seriously going to do this, then we have to figure out if we’re really all in for better or worse.

Dani, Nathan, Michael, and Crew are back in another steamy, why-choose rom com! No cheating, a guaranteed HEA, and the guys are all about her!


Humorous, steamy goodness continues! Serious shenanigans ensue as Dani, Nathan, Michael and Crew take a huge step forward in their relationships together! Now I’m a huge fan of this cast of characters, and I love their desire and lust so, so much … but, I felt like with the serious matters being front and center in this book, there was a bit too little serious dialogue compared to steamy sex. I want the sex, BELIEVE ME, but I also need to feel like we’re truly in a real life relationship here that isn’t always all about that. For the first time in this 3rd book in the serious Dani came across as just simply childish when she couldn’t figure out on her own that she should grow up and support a loved one when something serious is going on in his life instead of being consumed with kissing a boo boo or feeling desired. She let me down this time … but I’ll forgive her! I’m looking forward to the next book when they start a big chapter in life. Overall this cast is an absolute joy to read and I leave with a smile every time I visit.


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