* Review * SURPRISED AND SACKED by Gina Azzi

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SURPRISED AND SACKED by Gina AzziSurprised and Sacked by Gina Azzi
Series: Knoxville Coyotes Football #2
Published by Three Cities Publishing LLC on February 5, 2024
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Knoxville Coyotes rookie, West Crawford, is a celebrated, lightning-fast football god on the field. Off the field? He’s my ex-boyfriend and greatest heartache.

I didn’t think long-distance would break us when West was drafted to Tennessee, and I was called home to Paris for a family emergency. But it did.

Fast-forward six months and West is playing in the Superbowl, I’m rooting for him to win, and our worlds re-collide.

Celebrating West’s success is supposed to be a one-night, free-for-all that ends with closure. Instead, it births a new beginning. Literally.

I’m having a baby with my ex, our lives are still thousands of miles apart, and nothing has changed. I mean, except the obvious.

Between West’s flourishing career, my familial responsibilities abroad, and a positive pregnancy test that surprises us both, our relationship is bound to be sacked before it has the chance to soar.


Sweet, sassy and oh so satisfying! With the second book in her Knoxville Coyotes football series Gina Azzi is delighting her readers with not only a second chance reunion trope, but also a surprise baby and I loved every minute of the drama! The characters are really easy to become addicted to, and the back story is riveting. I enjoyed seeing a cameo from the Burnt Clover series characters as well! Can’t wait to see what this series holds in store for us in the future.

West was absolutely my favorite character because he was sincere and not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

I highly recommend this book as well as the previous book in the series to sports romance fans who love a book with lots of heart and fun, hip characters who have a strong support system surrounding them.


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