* Review * THE CHOSEN HEIR by Monique Moreau

* Review * THE CHOSEN HEIR by Monique MoreauThe Chosen Heir by Monique Moreau
Series: The Lupu Chronicles #1
on May 20, 2021
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I am Alexandru, the chosen one. The ruler of the Romanian mafie Lupu clan.
Nina is my little sister’s best friend, and an outsider.
Will my duty to the family tear us apart?


I’ve been in love with Alex for as long as I can remember. I know he wants me, but he’s a self-contained perfectionist who will never break with tradition in his rigid world. The tradition in question: an arranged marriage with a mafie princess.

With my ambition, I must follow in my father's footsteps. I will be the perfect head of the family, the perfect husband and father, the perfect... man. In this dog-eat-dog mafie world, a single mistake could end in bloodshed.

After years of conflict with a rival family, my sister is contracted to marry and bring peace. But when the bride runs away and threatens the truce, I need to convince Nina to help me track down my wayward sister.

A replacement must be found and it makes sense that it should be me. The only problem is Nina. The little minx is everything I want in a woman and a wife. And it doesn't help that I can't stop fantasizing about her underneath me, either.

As our chemistry heats up, a soldier's irreparable mistake starts a war that can only be stopped with the ultimate sacrifice. Myself. Marrying your own kind is the primal rule that reigns over my world, but as I uncover secrets, I learn my perfect father may not have been so perfect after all...


Decadently dark and addictive! With the first book in The Lupu Chronicles series Monique Moreau brings the Lupu Romanian mafia clan to life that we caught a glimpse of in her Demon Squad MC series in Whistle and Tasa’s book. Because I read WHISTLE’S WAR first, I already knew Tasa’s background and had a good bit of groundwork in my mind, but if you’re coming into this one first I’m not sure there is enough detail to make you appreciate it quite as much. I wanted to see a bit more development of Alex and Nina’s ultimate relationship play out, but overall I loved the book and am looking forward to watching this series unravel in future books. It’s dark and dangerous but oh so fun!

Alexandru Lupu is dark and deadly and does what has to be done on a daily basis, but beneath it all he’s a man who loves his family more than anything. I enjoyed seeing his side of the Tasa drama and seeing him fall for the girl least likely.

Nina is sweet and loyal. Some might call her gullible, but I liked the hint of that about her because she was able to look past the dark deeds and see the heart and soul of the matter.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a dark mafia romance with a depth of heart built in.


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