* Review * THE SHADOW GIRL by Shannon Hollinger

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE SHADOW GIRL by Shannon HollingerThe Shadow Girl by Shannon Hollinger
Series: Chief Maggie Riley #3
Published by Bookouture on September 1, 2023
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Ever since I tried to escape, he’s been keeping me in the dark. My bones ache with the cold. The longer I sit, trapped alone with just my thoughts, the more I worry… What if this is it? What if I never get to leave?

The sun is rising on another cold winter’s day in Coyote Cove when Chief Maggie Riley finds an unmarked envelope on the steps of the police station. Inside is a photo of a teenage girl, bound and bruised. Maggie’s heart constricts at the terror in her tear-filled eyes. Who is she? What has happened to her? Who would have left this photo, but done nothing else to help?

Maggie moved to Coyote Cove for a quieter life after her beloved young brother went missing five years ago. And this case feels as personal as anything she’s worked on since then. With no one reporting the girl missing, seemingly unloved and forgotten, Maggie vows to rescue her, and bring whoever hurt her to justice.

As Maggie mines the photograph for clues to hunt down the girl and her captor, her search takes her deep into the seedy, dangerous underbelly of the secretive logging camps. Hidden away in the woods, a law unto themselves, Maggie is in uncharted—and deadly—territory.

Then she finds the body of a girl who was said to have run away years ago, one with ties of her own to the loggers. And Maggie knows she’s on the right track. But as her search for the truth intensifies, Maggie’s own safety is threatened. Can she save an innocent girl’s life and get out alive herself, or could this be the one investigation she won’t survive…?


Filled with secrets, twists and turns to keep you guessing! The third book in the Chief Maggie Riley series picks up with a new Lieutenant being hired by Maggie as she briefly reconnects with her mother and danger lurks around the corner of a new mystery. Maggie is an addictive character, but the secrets surrounding her and her fiance Steve seem to be never ending.

Maggie is determined to get justice for the victims she comes across in her job even as demons knock on her door daily for past indiscretions and heartbreak.

Steve fessed up to some of his past, but this book brings another revelation of more to be told.

Kal is sizing up to be an interesting character all on his own as the new Lieutenant with a past he’s not talking about.


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