* Review * THEIR MISTLETOE BABY by Karin Baine

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THEIR MISTLETOE BABY by Karin BaineTheir Mistletoe Baby by Karin Baine
Published by Harlequin Medical Romance on November 1, 2017
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A Christmas dream come true

When handsome pediatrician Lucas Brodie walked out on his wife, Freya, at Christmas, he left her heart and hopes for a family shattered. This year, nurse Freya is determined to put the pain behind her by volunteering on a trip to take sick children to Lapland. But then she discovers Lucas is coming, too!

As they begin to fall in love again, Lucas wonders—could he give her a family after all? Can he put his past behind him? Perhaps an unexpected pregnancy could be the Christmas miracle to make Freya's dreams come true…


Who says you can’t go home again? In this fast-paced story of love and loss, we learn that you can! With a lot of hard work, Lucas has pulled himself together and is trying to make amends for the heartache he left behind last year, but will Freya be able to make peace with the fact that he abandoned her? The plot could have definitely been built out more, but the characters were strong with an interesting underlying story.

Pediatrician Lucas Brodie walked out on his wife and her hopes of a family last Christmas. Now it’s almost Christmas time again, and word around the hospital is that he’s back, but she hasn’t seen him yet. Her luck is about to change, because he just stepped onto the plane taking the kids from the hospital to see Santa!

Freya Darrow is still reeling from having her life implode not so long ago, and she doesn’t relish being stuck with her ex on this trip. She has no clue what made him just up and walk away … but she doesn’t think she can ever forgive him. When Lucas makes an effort to talk to her and his story eventually comes out, she realizes there was a sad past that her husband never got around to telling her about, and things came to a head at a terrible time last year. Can she actually find it in her heart to forgive him? … and will a surprise baby be just what it takes to make them open their eyes to the future they could share?


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