* REVIEW * TO WIN HER BACK by Mackenzie Crowne

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * TO WIN HER BACK by Mackenzie CrowneTo Win Her Back by Mackenzie Crowne
Series: Players
Published by Lyrical Shine on January 24, 2017
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Will the mistakes of the past ruin their future?

As public relations coordinator for the Manhattan Marauders pro football team, Victoria “V” Price has the wealth, prestige, and glamour she only dreamed of growing up. All she’s missing is a man to share it with. V thought she gave up her shot at love when she left her childhood sweetheart in the dust of her rural Texas town, along with the painful secrets of her family life. But the past comes roaring back when Sam Fitzpatrick, the only man she ever loved, is hired as the Marauders’ new offensive coordinator.

Despite Sam’s reluctance to work alongside V, his distrust of the woman who broke his young heart is no match for their swiftly rekindling passion. Yet even as V’s tough PR persona gives way to her softer side, Sam wonders if their chemistry is enough to overcome the wounds left unhealed between them. But when the devastating truth of V’s past is exposed, threatening both her career and their second chance, Sam finds himself asking a different question: does he have what it takes to win back her love?

Another great book in Mackenzie Crowne’s Player series!  We’ve seen V be the hard-nosed sports agent previously and even seen her be a loyal friend, but we haven’t seen the softer side of her that comes out when we finally get the story of her past and what made her who she is today.  Her turmoil really touches your heart!

Victoria Price is loving her new job as the PR Coordinator for the Manhattan Marauders football team, but her newest assignment just might be end of it when it’s barely begun!

Sam Fitzpatrick is super stoked at being offered the Offensive Coordinator position for an NFL team, but the fact that the woman that cruelly broke his heart all those years ago is the one there offering it is pretty off-putting!  Can he actually bring himself to accept a job for the same team she works for?

V had her reasons for walking away from Sam all those years ago, but she never shared them with him, so he and everyone around him assumed the worst.  When she finds the strength to share her secret, will she finally be free to go for that love of her life once and for all or will it be too late to matter?




  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review V and Sam’s story. I’m stoked you enjoyed it.


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