* Review * UNFORGIVABLE by Monique Moreau

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * UNFORGIVABLE by Monique MoreauUnforgivable by Monique Moreau
Series: Empire Academy #1
on February 2, 2023
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What he did was unforgivable and if he wants me, he better get ready to grovel.


I value one thing above all else: redeeming my family’s legacy within my mafia clan. I do everything right. I’ve almost solidified my position as our next consigliere. I intend to marry a clan princess. There’s only one barrier in my plan of domination.

I must graduate high school.

To do that, I need a tutor.

My boss chooses the girl I’ve bullied off and on for years. But what begins as an unavoidable chore becomes my greatest distraction.


I’ve pined after Lucian for years, even with the way he treats me. I only balk at becoming his tutor because I secretly crave him.

Call me a glutton for punishment.

Turns out, even I have my limits.

Lucian is an active participant in my greatest humiliation. He seems remorseful. For the first time, he seeks me out.

But it’s too late.

Apologize. Beg. Crawl.

I don’t care.

I can never forgive him.

Content warning:

Unforgivable can be read as a standalone and is the first installment of The Empire Academy Series. Lucian is an OTT possessive morally gray hero who doesn’t know what he wants until it’s too late. Get ready for a dirty-talking bully, a long grovel, and plenty of praise when he finally gets her where he wants her. Where is that, you ask? In his arms, of course. If such material offends, please do not read.


An emotional, gritty spin-off from The Lupu Chronicles series! I was quickly intrigued by the younger set of the Popescu and Lupu clan members. As a fan of the previous series, I knew the background and understood the setting going in, but if you are starting off with the Empire Academy as your first introduction to this world, the story is lacking some development. More history on Tatum’s story and even a bit on Lucian’s family prior would have cleared up a bit of the confusion that a new reader will more than likely feel coming in as a newbie. I personally enjoyed their story and the nod to the past and am looking forward to more to come in this new series.

Lucian is a bit of a sanctimonious bully, but he has a clear weakness for Star and likes her way more than he ever intended. I enjoyed seeing him taken down a notch or two as he had to learn to be the man she expected.

Starlene is sweet and sincere and tempted to no end for this man child that wants her to hand over her heart.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a coming of age storyline involving mafia born young adults finding their way in the trials of their lifestyle. The characters are addictive and the drama is high.


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