* Review * VIEW FROM ABOVE by Nichole Severn

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * VIEW FROM ABOVE by Nichole SevernView from Above by Nichole Severn
Series: Hunting Grounds #4
Published by Nichole Severn Books, LLC on June 21, 2022
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A trauma therapist escaping her father’s legacy.
A homicide detective who can’t prove murder.
A case that can heal their old wounds or send them over the edge.

When an innocent woman plunges to her death, Mallory Kotite is convinced there’s a connection to her father’s supposed suicide. Desperate to be free of the family legal empire—and the suffering at the hands of a self-made tyrant—she convinces the investigating detective to take a second look. Only to find her life and her heart in danger.

Detective Payton Nichols can’t hold onto a partner. He’s good at understanding evidence. People are a different puzzle altogether. But faced with a mistake on his last case, Payton must rely on Mallory’s insights into her father’s life. He’s not a project for the assertive therapist to fix, but as desire ramps up between them and a killer targets Mallory, he finds himself exposed to a past better left forgotten.

With a serial killer closing in, Mallory and Payton don’t have much choice. Learn to trust one another or get their own view from above.


High intensity intrigue from start to finish! The fourth book in the Hunting Ground series grabbed my attention from the first page and took me through a rollercoaster ride of danger, love and healing. My favorite of the series!

Mallory is a loyal and articulate character who is determined to find answers to right a wrong even though it takes her through an emotional journey.

Payton is intense and solitary and watching him actually let someone in for a change is heartwarming.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys lots of intrigue, deep danger and heartfelt emotional journeys.


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