* Review * WATCH ME by Stacey Kennedy

* Review * WATCH ME by Stacey KennedyWatch Me by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Phoenix #1
on September 15, 2020
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It's her choice to play his game. If she says yes, there will be more on the line than just her pleasure.

Zoey Parker has a three-step plan for revenge. First, gain entrance to the ultra-exclusive, upscale sex club, Phoenix. Second, act out her wildest fantasy in front of powerful old rivals, proving that they didn't break her. Third, disappear and never return. The only kink in her plan? Rhys Harrington, the owner of Phoenix and the one man she needs to stay away from...

Rhys' high-end clients pay extravagant amounts to watch his stars indulge their desires. Rhys' only rule? Watch, don't touch. But one look at Zoey and Rhys decides to participate in the show himself. And when an undeniable passion ignites between them, Rhys knows he wants more. Except Zoey is determined to run... and he is determined to find out why.

When Rhys discovers Zoey's secret, he shocks her by offering his protection... and a no-strings-attached relationship. But Zoey knows there will be more on the line than just her pleasure. Because Rhys' sizzling touch doesn't only capture her body, it also commands her heart.


Steamy and delightful! With the first book in her brand new Phoenix series Stacey Kennedy brings on the heat with an emotional story line when a plot for revenge turns into more than was bargained for. I loved this story and look forward to more to come in the series!

Zoey Parker takes matters into her own hands in a vary unorthodox way in order to seek revenge on a wrong done to her that changed her life forever. Her secrets come back to bite her when her subterfuge is uncovered and a powerful man is unhappy that he was used … until he learns her story and then it’s game over.

Rhys Harrington is a powerful and accomplished man, but he doesn’t like secrets. When he learns what propelled Zoey to hide her true intentions, he sets out to help her find comfort in the life and passion she has to give, even if it’s only short term.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an emotional read with dark currents below the surface and lots of passionate give and take. Looking forward to the next in the series!


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