REVIEW – White Lightning – Lexi Blake – Episode 2 Rising Storm

White Lightning


Episode 2 of the Rising Storm serial soap opera picks up where Episode 1 left off with Hector Alvarez’s family realizing he has packed his belongings and left while they were at the funeral for Jacob Salt.  His favorite daughter Dakota, who he has spoiled rotten all of her life, is heartbroken and can’t believe he would leave her.  She is sure her Mom did something to make him go.  She goes off looking for him and runs into Senator Rush at a seedy bar.  Sebastian has been hitting on her for years, and since she’s feeling low, she starts to get drunk with him and allows his advances.

Sheriff Dillon Murphy smooth talks Marylee Rush into hiring Joanne Alvarez as her new assistant so she’ll be able to earn some extra money now that Hector isn’t there to support her.

Ginny Moreno gets settled in with Celeste and Travis Salt now that she’s out of the hospital, and her best friend Brittany Rush is staying with her for awhile now that finals are over and she’s back home for the summer.  We get some insight into Sebastian Rush’s twisted head in this episode as well.

And finally, we are introduced to nurse Francine Hoffman who is good friends with Payton Rush.

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