* Review * WILD RIDE by Kate Meader

* Review * WILD RIDE by Kate MeaderWild Ride by Kate Meader
Series: Rookie Rebels #9
Published by Kate Meader LLC on March 26, 2024
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Chicago Rebels hockey player Dex O'Malley has been a naughty boy . . . again.

Only his latest stunt isn’t quite like when he was caught with his pants down at a nightclub or was cited for drag-racing on Lake Shore Drive or even that time he said a few critical things about his teammates on a hockey podcast. Oops. This time, Dex is in real trouble, the kind that could get him kicked off the team and out of the league. And that cannot happen. Hockey is the only thing he’s ever been good at. The only thing he cares about. He’ll do whatever it takes to rehab his rep, even if it means cleaning up dog poop and suffering the steely-eyed disapproval of his new no-nonsense “boss” at the animal shelter, Ashley Adams.

Ashley has enough on her plate between her low-paying job, her high-maintenance family, and a love life she’s trying to resurrect after her divorce. She’s already mom to an amazing nine-year-old; the last thing she needs is to be stuck mothering a celebrity volunteer with more money than sense. But the troublemaking f-boy needs Ashley to sign off on his good deeds so he can get back to what he does best: lighting up lamps both on and off the ice. And while a guy like that could never interest her mind, it seems her body is not on the same page. Sure, Dex O’Malley is too young, too hot, too flighty for Ashley to take seriously, but a brief ride on the wild side might fit the bill …

Only that’s not enough for Dex. What happens when this notorious player decides the older, single mom is the hottest woman he’s ever met and that he wants to light her lamp . . . forever?


Bad boy Dex has met his match! The next book in Kate Meader’s much-loved Rookie Rebels hockey series brings a sweetness out in Dex that probably not many were expecting when he’s thrust into a setting with adorable animals and a precociously brilliant little girl. I loved every minute of Dex and Ashley’s story and look forward to more to come in the series as always. Great depth to the characters, a sincere and heartfelt side to the story in addition to the yummy sexcapades!

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to fans of hockey romance where the brotherhood of the team is a close knit family and they all rally around when another needs their support while finding their forever love.


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