REVIEW – Seducing His Enemy’s Daughter – Annie West

Seducing His Enemy's Daughter


Loved this book!  I didn’t put it down from start to finish because I was so invested in seeing what all the secrets were that were going to be uncovered, and to see if Donato and Ella could truly have a future.

It all starts with Ella Sanderson being summoned by her father Reg, to meet a man that he had an important deal in the works with.  He had arranged to make her sister, Felicity, marry this mogul because he wanted money and power from him.  Her sister ran off with the man that she loved to avoid her father’s scheming.  Ella is the only sibling that has no tolerance for her father and his nonsense, and finds no problem telling him no.  Until she finds out he’s stolen her brother’s inheritance that he was counting on to fund his current hotel project.

Donato Salazar is a rich, powerful, self-made ex-con.  He’s hard and ruthless, but Ella sees through that to the real man underneath.  Their attraction to each other is instant, and even though she refuses to marry him, he convinces her to keep up the front with her father and to spend time with him.

Donato has a secret.  He never planned to go through with a wedding, he only used it as a distraction to keep Reg occupied while he schemed his plan to ruin the man.  As the time grows near, he feels guilty and tells Ella the truth.  He can’t lie to her, because he’s grown to love her.  She too has fallen head over heals for him, but how can she forgive him using her to ruin her father?

In the end, the truth will all come out … but will it be too much for Donato and Ella to overcome?

** Received free from Annie to review **