REVIEW – Infinite Possibilities – Lisa Renee Jones

Infinite Possibilities


It’s the continuation of Liam and Amy’s story … still good because it’s them, but nothing can measure up to the first book and them coming alive when they meet each other and fall in love.  You’ll remember that Amy had run off at the end of the prior book because she overheard Liam having a conversation about her and suspected he was somehow involved with whoever is out to get her.  He tracks her down at the start of this one and the reconcile.  She works with him and his security guy to try to put together pieces that she’s remembering, and that things that they are finding out in their investigation.

She finds out big info about her brother in this one that leads us to book 3 to see what will come of what she’s found out.

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REVIEW – Escaping Reality – Lisa Renee Jones

Escaping Reality


Okay, I admit it … I’m hooked!  From the beginning to the end of this book, I sat devouring page after page wondering what we were going to find out about “Amy’s” past, and what was going to happen to her future.

It starts out with Amy, who we learn used to be named Lara, having to go on the run with yet another new identity because she gets a cryptic message that “they” are coming for her.  She receives a new ID, bank account info, plane ticket, and keys to her new apartment in Denver.

She is instantly drawn to a man she sees at JFK airport, and winds up sitting next to him on the plane.  Liam Stone, a billionaire architect, is a very demanding in-charge type of guy but he shows a softer, gentler side with Amy.  He feels protective of her because he can sense she’s hiding from someone.  He doesn’t take no for an answer and attaches himself to her checking into a hotel across from her apartment and insisting she spend time with him.

They begin a red hot affair that has Amy falling in love with Liam and planning to tell him all of her secrets.  Until she overhears him talking to someone and thinks he’s working with whoever is after her.  She goes on the run again.  Is Liam really a bad guy?  Will he find her and work things out?  I’m running to buy the 2nd book in the series to find out now! 🙂

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