BOOK REVIEW – A Moment of Weakness – Brooklyn Skye

A Moment of Weakness


This isn’t a super complex book/plot to read.  It’s straightforward, sexy hot and fun!  Micah is a big tough badass, but I adored him from the start.  There was just something about the tough demeanor one second, then soft as a marshmallow as soon his daughter walked through the door that really stole my heart.

Laurel Harris was an up and coming brand new elementary school teacher, but needed a job over the summer to pay her rent.  She was applying everywhere, but no one was looking for such a short term hire.  Her best friend April piped in saying her older brother Micah needed a nanny for his little girl, Shaelynn.

Micah Crane thinks April is sending a friend to interview for a job at The Alibi, the bar he co-owns with his best friend Ryan. When Laurel shows up saying she’s there for a nanny position, he’s really pissed off.  He doesn’t leave his daughter with strangers and doesn’t need any help raising her!  Once Laurel points out how dangerous it is to have her sitting in the back room of the bar for hours on end while he works, he relents and agrees to give it a try.

Shaelynn is adorable and Laurel loves her on the spot, but Micah is mean and downright rude, but when he lets his guard down and shows his tender heart, Laurel can’t help but fall for him.  He’s hot!  Will they act on the mutual attraction that is swirling around them every time they are in the same room together?  When Laurel finds out that he works part time as a glorified repo-man for a notorious crime boss, will she stick around even though she could be in danger?

**  Received free from NetGalley/Entangled to review  **