BOOK REVIEW – Killer Season – Lara Lacombe

Killer Season


Loved these characters!  He’s a nice guy looking to take care of her when she’s scared and upset.  She’s a goodhearted person, alone in the world and comforted by his arms.  Fast paced, full of action and suspense.  A really good read!

Fiona Sanders has been working nights as a convenience store clerk for a few years now.  She likes interacting with people that she can interview for her Sociology project in college.  And the recent added bonus of “Hot Guy” dropping in regularly is definitely a plus!

Nate Gallagher, Houston PD Detective, stops by the store regularly to get food and drinks as he’s out and about working all hours of the day.  Luckily for Fiona, even though she doesn’t know he’s a cop, he’s in the store when he hears someone demanding money.  He sneaks up behind the robber as Fiona is gathering the money from the register into a bag.  Nate takes her under his wing throughout the night and helps her through giving her statement and getting her settled after her trauma.

When she’s in trouble again, she runs straight to Nate.  Something fishy is going on and with the help of Nate’s partner Owen, they are determined to find out who is targeting her and why!  Will they give in to their attraction for each other while spending so much time together?

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