BOOK REVIEW – Seducing Seven – MK Meredith

Seducing Seven


Sexy, sweet and adorable … lots of fun to read!

Just after arriving for the Romance Lovers Convention in Las Vegas, author Sevannah Michaels is being sort of stalked by an over-zealous fan.  She tries her best to politely distance herself from him, but when he’s following her to the elevator when she’s heading to her room just after checking in, she has to find some way to get out of this situation!

Enter Blake Turner.  Blake is in Vegas for an interview.  He’s a luxury salesman and is angling to get the VP of Sales position.  Though startled when Seven wraps herself into his arms and calls him her boyfriend, he plays along and gets rid of her fan.  Seven is appreciative of Blake’s help, but his cocky attitude and put downs to her industry, really irritate her.  She winds up placing a bet with him … if she can seduce him by the end of the weekend, he will buy 10 copies of her book and pass them out, selling them to his clients and coworkers … if he wins, she will announce to all of her fans and coworkers at the end-of-convention banquet that she’s a fraud and there’s no such thing as love.

It doesn’t take long for them both to be feeling more than they want to for each other.  In the end, will they take a chance on love or let their pride send them in separate directions?

** Received free from Entangled/Net Galley to review **