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REVIEW – Bossy: A Stepbrother Romance – Kim Linwood



HOT!!!  Don’t read if you’re timid and straight-laced!  🙂

Declan Riordan is attending an alumni party at his old college fraternity when he sees her across the room.  Gorgeous red hair flowing, Claire Anderson storms past him to blast her ex-fiance who is making a scene at the front door.

Claire just dumped her cheating, good-for-nothing man and is looking to forget him.  Declan offers to give her one night of hot sex to wipe all images of catching her ex screwing some bimbo in her bed right out of her mind.  After lusting after his muscles and tattoos, she decides to take him up on that offer.

Four months later, Claire is starting as an Intern at her soon-to-be stepfather’s law firm before starting law school at Stanford in a few months.  When she’s shown into the office of soon-to-be stepbrother, who she is to meet for the first time that day, she’s shocked to find Declan, her one night stand from months ago there.  Awkward!

Watch as the sparks fly between them as they learn how to work together and support each other as life hits them with one thing after another.  I started out thinking it was going to be just a hot sexy read, but I ended up liking these characters and rooting for them as their stories were told!

** Received free from Kim in exchange for an honest review **

REVIEW – I’ll Never Let You Go – Mary Burton

I'll Never Let You Go


The title caught my attention, the description hooked me!  I devoured every minute of my first Mary Burton novel.  I thought I had it figured out, then BAM … what a twist!  Very good read!  I will be looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Four years ago on what would have been their 1 year wedding anniversary, Leah Carson’s estranged husband broke into her apartment and stabbed her 23 times.  Philip Latimer had been stalking her for months, calling at all hours of the day, sending flowers, leaving notes on her car, etc.  Because he was a cop and no one wanted to believe that he was abusing her and then stalking her after she left him, he was still roaming free while she was trying her best to get someone to believe that he was a threat.  She barely survived,  and when she was alert again, she was told that he fled the state that night and was killed in a car accident a few days later in South Carolina.

Leah has now returned to Nashville to live and work after finishing her schooling to become a Veterinarian.  She hides her scars as well as she can and is finally starting to be at ease enough to make a friend again and has even agreed to her first date with Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Agent Alex Morgan.  She thinks she’s crazy even considering a date with another cop, but there’s something about Alex that draws her and she found herself saying yes without even meaning to.

Odd things suddenly begin to happen.  Leah receives a bouquet of the same flowers that she carried on her wedding day, she receives a card from her aunt but her aunt claims she didn’t send it, her credit card has fraudulent activity, a moving company shows up to move her when she isn’t moving, etc.  Then suddenly the one friend she had made in town is found murdered.  Stabbed … 23 times.  Is her ex really alive … and coming for her on their anniversary again?

** Received free from NetGalley to review **