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** Book Review ** ALWAYS AND FOREVER by Soraya Lane

Always and Forever

4  1/2 STARS!

Very emotionally riveting!  A glimpse into the ups and downs of one marriage, and how they deal with the aftermath.  I wasn’t a fan of the going back in forth in time that happened throughout this book, but I did think it was a good book.

Lisa & Matt seemed to have it all.  A near perfect marriage, a happy home, and soon a family to make them complete!

When tragedy strikes and decisions have to be made, it all crumbles around them.  She wears her hurt and her grief on her sleeve, while he buries his with a smile and tries to be upbeat.  They decide a road trip is just what they need to re-connect and move forward in their love for one another, but even that isn’t simple and soon leads to more hurt and more anger.

Will this couple be able to put the pieces of their hearts back together and become people who can love each other forever again, or will the change in them be too much to withstand?

ARC received via NetGalley

** Book Review ** DON’T TEMPT ME by Lori Foster

Don't Tempt Me


A sweet romance filled with loving family, friends and spicy romance!

Honor Brown is pretty much a self-sufficient loner other than her best friend Lexie Perkins.  She works hard for what she has and is looking forward to remodeling the house she just bought.  And the eye candy next door just might make it even more exciting!

Jason Guthrie is intrigued with his new neighbor, but his life is more than hectic right since he’s taken in his widowed brother and teenage nephew and is busy doing odd jobs for everyone around town.  He tries to steer clear of her, but she’s hard to resist … and it doesn’t help that her friend is working hard to push them together!

Lexie just wants Honor to relax and enjoy life a little bit, and she can’t help but notice the eyes she’s been making at her sexy hot neighbor.  If showing up and making sure they need his help for something will get him to come around, she’s all for it! … and when Sullivan Dean, another neighbor from across the street, shows up offering help too, she’s happy to take him off Honor’s hands!

ARC received via publicist.