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** Book Review ** BLINDING RAIN by Elisabeth Naughton (Rising Storm, Season 2, Episode 7)



Moving towards forgiveness plays a big part in this episode!

Tate Johnson still struggles to deal with his brother’s relationship with Hannah, but an unexpected source steps in and makes him see thing in a different light.

Logan’s high school girlfriend returns to town and his friends Marcus and Brit wonder if she could be the window into getting him to move past Ginny, but when the night concludes in an unexpected way, Brittany finds herself doing what she said she wasn’t ready to do … coming face to face with Ginny!

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** Book Review ** SNOWFALL ON HAVEN POINT by RaeAnne Thayne



Another sweet story out of Haven Point!

Andrea Montgomery has been through a lot in the 2 years since she lost her husband in the line of duty.  She relocated to Haven Point, and is trying to get things to settle down after the drama she went through last summer.  She just wants her kids first Christmas in this town to be special!

Sheriff Marshall Bailey isn’t the warm and fuzzy type on a good day, and now that he’s out of commission from being injured in a hit and run, he’s as cranky as a bear.  Andie will do just about anything for her friend Wynona … even go check in on her brother, the man that she’s nervous to be around!

Marsh doesn’t like needing anybody, and he tries to run off the neighborly do gooder with bad behavior, but she’s not falling for it.  And when her young children start to worm their way under his defenses too, he knows he’s in trouble!  When a freak snow storm has the little family needing a place to stay for Christmas, Marsh finds himself looking forward to the holiday more than he should!

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** Book Review ** QUIET STORM by Julie Kenner (Rising Storm, Season 2, Episode 6)



The saga continues as Lacey Salt finally approaches her friends to apologize and ask if they could ever forgive her for the way she acted when she went off the rails after Jacob’s death.  They all gather around to have Jeffry Rush’s back when his father finds out whose arms he’s been taking comfort in and threatens to put him in front of the press to spew lies.  Payton finally makes a stand.

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** Book Review ** THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE by Jill Shalvis


4 1/2 STARS!

An adorably fun read!

Pet shop owner Willa Davis does favors for others every day.  She loves her friends, she loves her pet clients, her neighbors, etc. … but when a steamy hot man comes knocking on her door before the shop is even open, Willa can’t stand the sight of him!

Keane Winters has just been handed his great-aunt’s demon spawn of a cat and doesn’t have a clue what to do with her.  He begs Willa for help because he needs her to pet sit for him.  He can’t understand why this gorgeous creature seems to be mad at him when he’s never even met her before!

Willa has to admit that Keane seems to be a different person than that year in high school … she just doesn’t know if she can trust her heart to him again.

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** BLOG HOP / GIVEAWAY ** Banned Book Week Blog Hop hosted by Bookhounds



Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read  —  September 25 – October 1, 2016

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Typically held during the last week of September, it highlights the value of free and open access to information. Banned Books Week brings together the entire book community; librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types, in shared support of the freedom to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.

By focusing on efforts across the country to remove or restrict access to books, Banned Books Week draws national attention to the harms of censorship. Check out the frequently challenged books section to explore the issues and controversies around book challenges and book banning. The books featured during Banned Books Week have all been targeted with removal or restrictions in libraries and schools. While books have been and continue to be banned, part of the Banned Books Week celebration is the fact that, in a majority of cases, the books have remained available. This happens only thanks to the efforts of librarians, teachers, students, and community members who stand up and speak out for the freedom to read.

For more information on getting involved with Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read, please see Ideas and Resources. You can also contact the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4226,

For media inquiries related to Banned Books Week, please contact: Heather Cho, Media Relations Specialist, 312-280-4020,; and Macey Morales, Deputy Director of ALA’s Public Awareness Office, 312-280-4393,






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** Book Review ** FIRE AND RAIN by R.K. Lilley (Rising Storm, Season 2, Episode 5)



As Celeste Salt continues to plummet into a deeper depression, her husband Travis grows closer to his mistress Kristin.  Their daughter Lacey is starting to get her head back on straight after her melt-down following her brother’s death, and realizes she misses her friends.

The fallout of Hector Alvarez coming home continues to unravel.

Chase and Anna Mae share some secrets in order to make their reunion with each other start on a solid foundation.

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** Book Review ** MAYBE THIS KISS by Jennifer Snow



In a sweet kick-off to her new Colorado Ice series, Jennifer Snow brings us a short story about finding love again after loss … with the one that got away years ago!  I loved the characters, and my favorite “awww” moments were his interactions with her daughter … so sweet!  Great set up to the series!  Can’t wait to read more of the Westmores!

Becky Westmore is simply trying to get through the crazy hectic month of December without falling apart at the seams when she finally runs into the person she’s been avoiding since he got back into town a month ago … her ex-boyfriend from all those years ago.

Neil Healy was happy to receive his promotion to Lieutenant with the Air Force, but he wasn’t so happy that it brought him back to his hometown of Glenwood, Colorado after being gone for so many years.  He didn’t like how things ended back in the day, and being back in this town again brings all of those memories back full force.

When they finally cross paths, the old flame is still burning strong.  Neither of them wants to feel the things they are feeling, but it’s there regardless.  Will they find the courage to try again?

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** Book Review ** LIGHTNING STRIKES by Lexi Blake (Rising Storm, Season 2, Episode 4)



Joanne continues to grow stronger in her life without Hector, and even Dakota is starting to turn a corner and treat people better without his ugly influence around her, but all that will soon be changing, because Hector is back in Storm!

Ginny continues to try and lay low to let things die down around town, but Senator Rush catches her out running an errand for Marisol and approaches her to threaten her.

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** Book Review ** PERFECTLY CHARMING by Liz Talley


4 1/2 STARS!

A fun follow-up to Charmingly Yours!  Liz Talley’ newest PERFECTLY YOURS brings us Jess’s story of finding herself again after being dumped by her husband.  It was fun seeing all of the girls again!

Mississippi native Jess Culpepper is smothering under memories of her first-love and now ex-husband, so she jumps at the chance to take a temporary nursing job in Florida to get a breather and adjust to her knew life.  Thanks to the money that her friend Lacy left her “to do something fun” with, she rents a condo on the beach … and strangely enough, stumbles right across her old high school lab partner!

Ryan Reyes has worked hard the last year and a half to rid himself of the nerdy persona that Jess knew back in school.  He retired from science and now owns a charter fishing boat and enjoys life way more.  He takes Jess under his wing and introduces her to some friends.

The hot attraction that flares between the two of them is a surprise, but they decide a few no-strings-attached weeks of fun might be just what the doctor ordered … but will they be able to walk away that easily?

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** Book Review ** BRAVE THE STORM by Lisa Mondello (Rising Storm, Season 2, Episode 3)



Drama continues to circle around Senator Sebastian Rush as the fall out from his affairs continues to wreak havoc on his poll numbers.  He attempts to use Logan’s war hero status to his advantage in the media but it backfires when Logan won’t agree to step up for him.

Chase Johnson continues to pursue Anna Mae in hopes she will forgive him for leaving her all those years ago.  She has secrets that he doesn’t know that have left her bitter and angry over the years.  Will she be able to forgive and forget?

Ginny still longs for Logan, but even though he gets super jealous every time he sees her with anyone else, he still won’t even talk to her.

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