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* REVIEW * ONE MORE KISS by Samantha Chase

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW *  ONE MORE KISS by Samantha ChaseOne More Kiss by Samantha Chase
Series: Shaughnessy: Band on the Run Book 1
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on February 7, 2017
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...from his fans
...from his past
...from a failure too painful to contemplate
Most of all, Matt is hiding from himself.

VIVIENNE FORRESTER IS A WOMAN WHO GIVES HER ALL her friends and family her online food blog the man she loves

Vivienne will try anything and everything to coax Matt out of his self-imposed exile. But for this to work, Matt is going to have to meet her halfway...

A fun spin-off from Samantha Chase’s The Shaughnessy Brothers series finds us catching up with Riley Shaughnessy again as we get his friend and bandmates, Matt Reed’s story!  I loved the characters and found it fun to see some of the behind the scenes action of their band.  I look forward to more to come!

Matt Reed never expected to step foot back in his hometown voluntarily.  He had a rough childhood, and left on the heals of the biggest blowout he’d ever been involved with and didn’t look back. Current circumstances have him searching for somewhere to lay low for awhile, and his best friend invites him to hide out at his place, so here he is!

Vivienne Forrester can’t believe her brother doesn’t give her a heads up that Matt is going to be staying with him.  She’s mortified that her reckless night a couple of years ago is going to come back to bite her, but even more blown away when he looks at her as if he hasn’t seen her since they were kids.  Unbelievable!



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW *  CAVANAUGH IN THE ROUGH by Marie FerrarellaCavanaugh in the Rough by Marie Ferrarella
Series: Cavanaugh Justice
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on February 1, 2017
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A crime-scene investigator and a gorgeous cop must track down a serial killer in USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella's explosive new novel!

For Susannah Quinn, heartbreakingly handsome detective Christian Cavanaugh O'Bannon is trouble that she doesn't need. Still, her CSI instincts tell her a serial killer's on the loose, so she agrees to work this case with Chris through long days—and even hotter nights. But his reckless charm is allowing him perilously close to her darkest secrets.

Going by the book has never been freewheeling Chris's style, so an unofficial partnership with Susannah is just what he needs to stop a vicious murderer in his tracks. While he struggles to win the beautiful blonde's trust, mutual desire puts them both in harm's way…

Another delve into the Cavanaugh family brings us the usual great Detective finding his match and more!

Detective Christian Cavanaugh O’Bannon doesn’t know what to make of his most recent case.  Especially when Crime Scene Investigator Susannah Quinn says she suspects they have a serial killer on their hands!

When Chris gets her to open up to why she suspects what she does, he starts to agree with her and they move forward in their investigation to find the answers, but along the way, Chris attempts to find out what Suzie is hiding.  She’s a loner, and she’s secretive … what could be in her past that makes her keep to herself like that?  And as they grow closer, will she decide to open up and explain her past to him?


* REVIEW * CONFESSION by Calista Fox

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW *  CONFESSION by Calista FoxConfession by Calista Fox
Series: Bayfront Billionaires
Published by Swerve on February 7, 2017
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100 Shades of Sin...

Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.

Billionaire business partners Devon McMillan and Morgan Presley have spent the past two years on opposite coasts after nearly crossing a forbidden line during one of their steamier ménages. But when a lucrative business offer brings them back to Bayfront, something even more tempting will distract them both—their drop-dead gorgeous childhood best friend, Fallon Carteris. And these billionaires will do whatever they can to bring her to their bed!

Fallon has never been able to decide which man she desires more, nor could she ever choose between them—and quickly learns she doesn’t have to. When Fallon confesses she’s always wanted the two men, they both pursue her. As the love triangle heats up, their emotions become as entangled as their bodies. But is their love strong enough to keep their threesome together?

A fast paced novella takes us on a friends to lovers ride!  Good characters, steamy sex and a happy ending!  Must be okay with menage to enjoy!

Best friends and business partners Devon McMillan and Morgan Presley have been stearing clear of each other for awhile now.  They used to do everything together, but after an awkward encounter during their last time of sharing a woman, they found excuses to stay on different coasts for awhile.  Now they’re drawn back to Bayfront for a business proposition, and reunited with their childhood best friend.

Fallon Carteris has been crushing on her two childhood friends for as long as she can remember, and now that she’s done some growing up and experimenting, she’s ready to put herself out there in hopes that they will finally notice she’s an available woman!  She doesn’t know which one she likes more, but from the rumors she’s heard over the years, she won’t have to choose between them at all!

Will the guys agree to put aside their awkwardness and differences to have a one of a kind reunion with Fallon or will this be the end of their business partnership .. as well as their shared extracurricular activies??


** FRIDAY FAVORITES with Kat Cantrell **

Join me every Friday to see my spotlight on one of my favorite authors who will be sharing a few of their favorite things!



Featured today is Harlequin Desire author KAT CANTRELL!  Thanks for joining me and sharing some of your favorites Kat!

USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Cantrell read her first Harlequin novel in third grade and has been scribbling in notebooks since she learned to spell. What else would she write but romance? When she’s not writing about characters on the journey to happily ever after, she can be found at a soccer game, watching Friends or dancing with her kids to Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Kat, her husband and their two boys live in North Texas. She’s a proud member of Romance Writers of America®. Kat was the 2011 Harlequin So You Think You Can Write winner and a 2012 RWA® Golden Heart® finalist for best unpublished series contemporary manuscript.


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My favorite color is … pink, but purple is a close second.

My favorite place to read is … on a plane. I don’t get interrupted!

My favorite snack is … pistachios, except for the shelling part.

My favorite type of music is … eighties new wave. Duran Duran forever!

My favorite hot beverage is … ooooh that’s tough. Coffee. But I like tea too.

My favorite type of flower is … Dendrobium Orchids.

My favorite time of day is … early morning before everyone gets up. I like being alone!

My favorite candy is … Ghirardelli Chocolate of any sort. I just visited the Mother Ship in San Francisco and it was awesome!

My favorite hobby is … wine. What? It is too a hobby.

My favorite place to vacation is … the beach.



Look for Kat’s latest release from Harlequin Desire, FROM ENEMIES TO EXPECTING, out now  ..


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Love and Lipstick

Winning is nonnegotiable…and so is parenthood! 

Marketing exec Trinity Forrester needs PR buzz. By-the-books baseball tycoon Logan McLaughlin needs ticket sales. Their plan is simple: embark on a pretend romance to boost publicity. But soon their reality-show kisses lead to explosive off-camera lovemaking…

Trinity knows her fling with her frustratingly handsome costar ends when the cameras stop rolling—not with a diamond ring and proposal. But when their fake romance yields a very real pregnancy, will the emotionally guarded duo choose winning…or wedding?



If you love a good military man, check out Kat’s website to learn about her ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights series filled with a sexy former SEAL team!



and COMING IN MAY from Kat …


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Billionaires and Babies

A Billionaire’s Baby Plan 

Desmond Pierce wants a child—but the conventional route won’t do for the reclusive inventor. Enter McKenna Moore, a medical student willing to be a surrogate mom…and to marry by proxy without ever meeting her husband. But when the baby’s health requires McKenna to not only face Desmond but also live with him, their chemistry explodes. Soon McKenna is in his bed, where he wants her to stay. But saying yes to making their marriage real puts McKenna’s dreams at risk—and forces Desmond to reevaluate everything he’s ever wanted…


* REVIEW *  BE ON THE LOOKOUT: BODYGUARD by Tyler Anne SnellBe on the Lookout: Bodyguard by Tyler Anne Snell
Series: Orion Security
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on August 1, 2016
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Protecting a woman who claimed she didn't need a bodyguard made his final case the most interesting of his career…

Before he settles down behind the desk, Orion Security bodyguard Jonathan Carmichael has one last assignment. One that might prove to be more than he bargained for. Because Kate Spears is adamant she doesn't need his protection. And a woman who doesn't want a bodyguard could be difficult, dangerous—and terribly intriguing.

Kate is used to taking care of herself. Unfortunately, her most recent scientific discovery has made someone intent on taking her research and her life. Now only one man stands between her and death. And while Jonathan is more than capable of protecting her body, she fears he could be the one man to wreak havok on her very soul.

An exciting, suspense filled read!  We go on the run for their lives with Kate and her bodyguard Jonathan as whoever is hunting her seems to find her no matter where they go!  The characters were compelling and I enjoyed being along for the ride.

Kate Spears is on the verge of creating a scientific masterpiece that could change the criminal justice system for the better.  She’s due to present her work at a convention … if she makes it there in one piece!

Jonathan Carmichael has enjoyed his career as a field agent with Orion Security, but he’s reached a point in his life when he wants to be in one place for awhile, so this is going to be his last case as before he switches to a desk job … and it just might be life changing!

Kate swears she doesn’t need protection and is against having a bodyguard with her, but she soon realizes her mistake when an upgraded attack starts soon after Jonathan arrives.  Will he be able to keep her safe to present her research, or will the bad guys get their hands on it first?


* REVIEW * HOOKED by Christina Phillips

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW *  HOOKED by Christina PhillipsHooked by Christina Phillips
Series: Viking Bastards MC
Published by Entangled: Scorched on February 6, 2017
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I like my sex dirty and disposable. I'm not into commitment or chicks who want more than one night. My brothers and club come first, second and last.

Until she walks into my life. Classy, rich and so out of my league it's crazy. A week together should get her out of my system, but this good girl is so bad when we're all alone and I can't get enough of her.

I don't do forever, but she's hooked me so bad I don't ever want to let her go. Except there's no way a princess can live in my world and I sure as hell won't live in hers...

I loved this book!  Yes, it was your typical “dirty talking biker devours poor little rich girl” story and it was all about sex, sex, sex … and that’s WHY I loved it!!!  He might have been a rough biker before he met her, but for her, he was a giant teddy bear.  They were sweet together. Don’t get me wrong, they were burn up the sheets HOT too, but there was a special connection there. Looking forward to more in the series!  BTW … If you’re looking for the down and dirty behind the scenes MC business type of book, you won’t find it here … but you will find a very sexy dominant biker dude who likes what he sees and takes it.

Zach Reynolds loves his MC and his family … other than that, he couldn’t care less about anything else.  And then she walks into his favorite hangout … alone, gorgeous, and way out of his league. She’s going to be his!

Grace Mulholland might not be satisfied with her life, but she never expected a huge, tattooed tough guy to be what made her life complete!  She can’t deny the sex is out of this world … the best she’s ever had by far … but seriously, can she really see this guy in her world forever?  Maybe!



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* BLOG TOUR / REVIEW *  SHIELDED BY THE COWBOY SEAL by Bonnie VanakShielded by the Cowboy SEAL by Bonnie Vanak
Series: SOS Agency
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on February 1, 2017
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The SOS Agency grants one Navy SEAL his most personal mission yet…

Home on leave at his family farm, Navy SEAL Cooper Johnson receives an unexpected assignment: to protect a beautiful socialite on the run from her abusive ex. Grieving his kid sister, a brave cop killed in the line of duty due to a faulty bulletproof vest, Coop is in no mood for work—until he meets Meg Taylor. Soon, he finds that riding the land, lovely Meg safe beside him, is a surprising comfort to his heart. But when he discovers Meg's dark past—and the evidence she possesses that her ex would kill to keep buried—it will take both the cowboy and SEAL within him to get the ultimate justice.

Fast paced and filled with intrigue!  We follow along and chase the clues with them right up until the end to figure out who all of the bad guys are.  This group of characters were fun to read about.

Meg Taylor is lucky to have an old friend that puts her in touch with someone who can help her when she needs it most.  She’s carrying a lot of secrets with her though, and eventually they are going to come back to bite her if she doesn’t soon trust Coop enough to let him help her.

Navy SEAL Cooper Johnson is home on leave after losing his sister.  He’s working around the family farm and just trying to heal and help his family get into a better place before he goes back to his job.  When he gets a call from a former teammate, he’s happy to step up and help keep Meg safe until they can find a better place for her to go.  He finds that having here there and spending time talking with her actually soothes his soul and helps him accept the loss of his sister.

When the secrets Meg has been hiding finally explode and put the entire family in danger, will they be able to find the proof they need to get everyone back to safety before it’s too late?



Shielded by the Cowboy SEAL
SOS Agency #2
By: Bonnie Vanak

Releasing February 1, 2017



The SOS Agency grants one Navy SEAL his most personal mission yet

Home on leave at his family farm, Navy SEAL Cooper Johnson receives an unexpected assignment: to protect a beautiful socialite on the run from her abusive ex. Grieving his kid sister, a brave cop killed in the line of duty due to a faulty bulletproof vest, Coop is in no mood for work until he meets Meg Taylor. Soon, he finds that riding the land, lovely Meg safe beside him, is a surprising comfort to his heart. But when he discovers Meg’s dark past and the evidence she possesses that her ex would kill to keep buried it will take both the cowboy and SEAL within him to get the ultimate justice.

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Such delicious warmth.

Meg slowly opened her eyes. She’d been back at the car, Sophie curled beside her, wondering how they would survive the storm and not freeze to death. The cold had pierced her bones like icy knives.

And then she’d closed her eyes, trying to keep her dog warm by holding Sophie tight. The nightmare had been too real. Sophie, kicked out of the house by her husband, wandering the streets during a south Florida cold snap. Curling up in a doorway to stay warm, whimpering and afraid, confused as to why her owners had abandoned her…

She drove, as she had in the past when it really happened, searching the streets for her beloved dog. But this time during the nightmare, a handsome stranger picked Sophie into his arms and scowled at Meg, as if blaming her for Sophie’s condition.

Now as she stirred, she became aware of lying in a warm bed, blankets piled atop her. A lamp glowed softly on a nightstand.

Meg realized she wore only panties and a bra.

And in addition to being half-naked, there was a hard male body next to her, also half-naked. Panic swept through her. She startled and moved away, but a strong, muscled arm hooked around her waist.

“Relax,” a deep male voice said. “You’re not going anywhere.”

The voice was strange, tinged with amusement and a New England accent. The body belonging to that accent was hardened with thick muscle, not soft with fat like Prescott’s. She became aware of the scent of him, all cedar and spicy aftershave, a pleasing masculine smell, not the fancy and expensive cologne disguising the vodka Prescott had consumed far too much lately.

“Get away from me,” she mumbled. “Why are you doing this?

“No one dies on my watch, Princess, and you were entering hypothermia. Body heat is the best way of keeping warm. I daresay your little dog knows this, otherwise she’d be nipping at my toes instead of snuggled beneath them.”

He added, with a wry sound, “And if you got frostbite, the local doc would have to amputate those pretty pink toes of yours.”

She had to get out of here, but oh, the warmth beneath the blankets and the firm, muscled body beside her gave off heat like a blast furnace.

Meg blinked hard, trying to summon precious energy. “Her name is Sophie.”

“Should have called her Ouchie.”

Meg’s mushy brain couldn’t register the joke, until she lifted her head and saw her rescuer hold up his hand where a half moon marked the skin. “Bit clean through my glove.”

“Oh no! I’m so sorry.” Mortified, she struggled to sit up, more concerned about her dog biting a total stranger who had saved them from death than her lack of clothing.

He pushed her down. “Easy now. You need to stay under these covers a while longer.”

“My dog…”

“No worries,” he said easily. “I trust she’s had her shots, and I’ve had mine, so you needn’t worry about your furball getting a disease.”

Meg realized he was joking. The tension gripping her sore, tight muscles eased a little. She peered upward to get a closer look at him. A thick shock of wavy dark brown hair was cropped short. He had an intense gaze, thin cheekbones and a wide mouth. Handsome, with a hint of Irish blood in those ice-blue eyes.

A dusting of black hair covered his muscled chest. Washboard abs rippled beneath smooth, tanned skin. He was mouthwatering, a prime example of masculinity. Meg stared, still struggling with the unreality that this man had rescued her from the cold and warmed her with his body.

“You’re Cooper Johnson?”

“The one and only,” he drawled. “Your host over the next several days.”

She pulled the blankets up to cover her breasts, well aware her lacy red bra provided thin covering in the chill, and her nipples had turned rigid.

From the cold. Not the pull of attraction toward this handsome stranger. It didn’t matter if her libido sat up and started shimmying.

All she had to do was think of what Prescott would do if he found her, and her heated blood turned to ice.

“Where’s Sophie?”

Cooper lifted the bottom of the blankets. Snuggled at his feet, wedged partly beneath the covers, her dog snoozed. Relief filled Meg. She tossed back the covers, climbed down the length of the bed and gathered her dog into her arms, checking her over anxiously.

“She seems okay.” Meg drew in a deep breath as the awakening Sophie licked her face.

Sheer male interest flared on Cooper’s face. He rearranged the blankets around his waist. Realizing he must have had a bull’s-eye glimpse of her rear end, Meg flushed. She clutched the dog just a little too tightly, and Sophie squirmed.

The interest faded as his expression shuttered. He scratched the bristles on his hard jaw. “You feeling okay now, Princess?”

At her nod, he flung back the blankets, displaying a pair of long, muscled legs. A dusting of hair didn’t hide a wicked-looking scar on his left thigh. Her fascinated gaze traveled upward to the black Jockeys he wore…

And the very large bulge beneath them showing a blatant male reaction.

Seems as if Cooper Johnson was equally attracted to her.

Not that she’d do anything about it. Not in her lifetime.

His mouth curved into a knowing smile as he reached down to the floor, retrieved a pair of jeans. Cooper slid into them and stood, buckling the belt.

“Had to get you warm. Can’t help the consequences. I’m a guy, and you’re a very attractive woman.”

He shoved a hand through his thick hair and the move flexed the biceps of his right arm. A tattoo of a snake writhed with the motion as well. Sailors got inked, from what she knew. And he was a Navy SEAL.

Not regular Army, like her brother had been.

SEALs were tough, Lacey had told her, but their missions and lives were shrouded in secrecy. She wondered what happened to him that he was here now with her.



Bonnie Vanak is a NY Times bestselling author. After a career in journalism, she became a writer for an international charity, traveling to poor countries like Haiti to write about issues affecting the poor. When the strain of her job demanded a diversion, she turned to her childhood dream of writing romance novels. Bonnie lives in Florida with her husband and two rescue dogs. Visit her website at or email her at

Author Links:   Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads



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