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* Review * BACK IN THE GAME by Erin Kern

* Review * BACK IN THE GAME by Erin KernBack in the Game by Erin Kern
Series: Champion Valley #2
Published by Forever on October 31, 2017


Stella Davenport wasn't made for small-town life. Sure, teaching ballet in Blanco Valley, Colorado, is great, but she longs for the chance to perform in a big city. Stella swore she'd never let anything get in the way of her dream-until sexy, broad-shouldered Brandon West walks back into her life. Stella is determined to resist him, even if arguing with Brandon is sexier than any foreplay.

For Brandon, it's always been just him and his son, Matt. Knowing that love only leads to heartbreak, he isn't looking to expand his family any time soon. Stella, with her long, gorgeous legs and infectious laugh, is a breath of fresh air he didn't even know he'd been missing. But when she's offered her dream job in Chicago, will he be willing to put his heart on the line?


Chemistry abounds between two unlikely people! A sassy connection between a single dad and the local ballet teacher makes for a really fun read! They bounce witty comebacks off each other every chance they get, and when they finally decide to give in to the attraction they feel, sparks ignite! The characters are easy to like, and although the romance is slow to happen, it’s a nice build up throughout. I enjoyed their story!

Stella Davenport never expected to find herself teaching ballet in a small town in Colorado at this point in her life. She craves the big city dancing lifestyle she used to have in Chicago and hopes her dream of being invited back to choreograph will one day come true. Living here with her Mom crowding her space is slowly driving her insane!

Brandon West feels like he’s spent his entire life looking out for his son, and he’s not about to start now just because he’s soon heading off to college. His one chance on love came back to bite him good, so he isn’t too up on trying that game again … but he can’t deny he’s drawn to Stella in a way he hasn’t felt in a long time … maybe ever! Can two wounded hearts find a way to overcome their obstacles to be together?


* Review * THE UNDERCOVER AFFAIR by Cathryn Parry

* Review * THE UNDERCOVER AFFAIR by Cathryn ParryThe Undercover Affair by Cathryn Parry
Published by Harlequin Superromance on November 1, 2017
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To choose between justice and love

There's a burglar on the loose in the beach town of Wallis Point, and undercover detective Lyndsay Fairfax is pursuing every lead. Even the one that takes her straight to the brother of handsome marine veteran John Reilly. John, whose lively restaurant is the heart of the town, is the first person Lyndsay has connected with since her husband's death. But she can't tell him who she really is, and she can't let his brother slide if he's the culprit. Lyndsay has to figure out how to do the right thing without also losing the man who is so right for her…


Love when she least expects it! She’s not looking to have chemistry with a man who may have family involved in the crime she’s investigating, but that’s exactly what she gets! The plot is intriguing and keeps us guessing from the start trying to figure out who and what is really going on around there. The characters are well developed and though the romance is a tad light, the story flows well and leads to a great conclusion!

Police officer Lyndsay Fairfax certainly isn’t looking to make a romantic connection while she’s on her first undercover assignment in Wallis Point, but she finds it none-the-less! In pursuing leads on a burglary ring, she poses as a tradesmen to get in with the contractors around the area who know the ins and outs of the area houses. That takes her to the local hangout a lot … and face to face with a sexy brooding stranger!

Former marine John Reilly never envisioned himself helping run the family restaurant and bar, yet circumstances and tragedy led to this very place. When a lead puts his little brother on Lyn’s radar with the break-ins, John doesn’t have a clue and continues to believe they are starting a possible relationship. When she is left with no alternative than to turn over the info she knows, will they be able to salvage any part of their friendship … and more … once all is said and done?


* Review * SNOWBOUND WITH AN HEIRESS by Jennifer Faye

* Review * SNOWBOUND WITH AN HEIRESS by Jennifer FayeSnowbound with an Heiress by Jennifer Faye
Published by Harlequin Romance on November 1, 2017
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Stranded in the snow—together!

Heiress Serena Winston has gone off the grid for the holidays! She's staying in a remote cabin in the Alps, looking to get away from it all…

Since losing his wife, Christmas isn't the same for TV presenter Jackson Bennett. He goes where the work takes him, this time to Austria. But when an American beauty runs him off the road in a blizzard and a storm leaves them stranded, it seems like a disaster. Until their time alone turns into an unexpected Christmas to remember!


Alone and jaded isn’t always the way to go! When two strangers meet and connect in a cabin far from their real lives, they are left trying to figure out if they dare take a chance on a relationship again. She’s tired of being used for her connections, and he’s living in a fog of knowing whether life is supposed to be different than the past he once had. They have a cute connection and you find yourself pulling for them quickly. A fun read!

Heiress Serena Winston decided to get away for the holidays. She wants some peace and quiet where nobody knows her, so she escapes to a cabin in the Alps for some relaxation. When an unexpected houseguest turns up, will she be able to keep her identity a secret?

TV personality Jackson Bennett hasn’t enjoyed the holidays since losing his wife so when the opportunity to travel around that time to get some unique stories takes him to Austria, he is more than okay with that. When he’s run off the road and left in a precarious position, a beautiful stranger comes to his rescue and gives him a better holiday experience than he was expecting … but why does she seem so familiar?