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* Review * UNDERCOVER SCOUT by Jenna Kernan

* Review * UNDERCOVER SCOUT by Jenna KernanUndercover Scout by Jenna Kernan
Series: Apache Protectors: Wolf Den
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on May 1, 2018
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Can she trust him with her case…

And with her life?

Despite clues pointing tribal police detective Ava Hood to one suspect, her instincts scream that Kee Redhorse isn’t involved. She’s deeply attracted to the Apache physician, but she can’t let those feelings hinder her case. With the clock ticking, and Kee willing to help find the missing girls, Ava will use him. Her career, multiple lives and perhaps even her heart are now on the line.


Action packed! We’re on the verge of solving the case with the next book in the Apache Protectors: Wolf Den series. We second guess everyone we’ve come to know as fingers are pointed at people that we never expected would do bad things, and some of them get cleared while others look guiltier and guiltier. Still more to come in the story, but this particular book was an exciting read! Kee has been an intriguing character from the start when we met him in earlier books, but to actually get to know him better and find out what makes him tick only endears him to us even more. Really enjoyed it!

Doctor Kee Redhorse has been working so hard in the reservation’s clinic that he’s lost touch with a lot of what is happening around him. His siblings are settling down and some are on the rim of danger as the hunt for who is in on this kidnapping/surrogacy ring heats up and more is on the line than ever!

Ava Hood is undercover in Turquoise Canyon to try to bring down whoever it is at the clinic that is targeting the tribe’s young girls. She has Kee in her sites as her prime suspect until she actually meets him and sees him in action on several occasions and finds herself really second guessing what her instincts were telling her previously. As they start to admit their attraction to each other, danger draws closer in a place he would least expect it, and they find themselves being forced into uncomfortable situations!


* Review * HER CLAIM by Rebecca Grace Allen

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HER CLAIM by Rebecca Grace AllenHer Claim by Rebecca Grace Allen
Series: Legally Bound #2
Published by Rebecca Grace Allen Enterprises on April 23, 2018
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She’s no princess. He’s no prince. Then again, they never wanted a fairy tale.

Legally Bound, Book 2

Cassie Allbright takes no prisoners. A half Cuban ball-busting attorney, she’s too tough to admit what she wants in bed. But tough is the only way to cut it in her high-powered firm, and Cassie doesn’t need a knight in shining armor. And she definitely doesn’t need Patrick Dunham—an arrogant, chauvinistic man-whore with a knack for pissing her off.

Bound to the helm of his family’s publishing house, Patrick is shackled to a life of power and wealth he never wanted. Seduction is his only distraction—his nights of pleasure always temporary, because happily-ever-afters are not for him. But while luring a woman into his bed has always come easy, the high-and-mighty Cassie has never succumbed to his charms.

Their verbal sparring turns to foreplay, but instead of scratching an itch, it only whets their appetites. Patrick gives Cassie a taste of what she’s secretly craved, and Cassie’s dark desires stir up things Patrick never knew he wanted. Enchanted, he offers to fulfill her most dangerous fantasies. She agrees, with an iron-clad escape clause: her heart is off-limits, and so is his.

Funny thing about hearts, though. They have a way of ignoring the fine print.

Warning: This book isn’t for the faint of heart. Disclosure includes angry, vying-for-control hate sex and one steamy weekend in Miami. Ready? Break the caution tape and proceed.


The forbidden is often what we desire most! With the second book in the Legally Bound series, we get drawn into the story of the BFF’s of the couple from the first book in the series, Jack and Lilly. While I found it impossible to love Cassie and Patrick more than I did Jack and Lilly, I did enjoy their story a lot and loved getting to see the old gang back together again throughout their book. This book contains some very taboo sexual fantasies, so only read if you can handle that. Overall, it’s a long book so there are parts that are slower than others, but overall a really enjoyable read. The characters are easy to like, we find ourselves wanting them to get together and to last, and the secondary characters are mostly ones we are already familiar with, so it was a nice cast to get to know even deeper than the last book. Looking forward to more … hopefully Brady & Samantha next?!

Cassie Allbright has a reputation that she takes pride in. She might be a fiery half Cuban, hard-as-nails Boston attorney, but she doesn’t apologize for getting the job done time and time again. She secretly fantasizes about losing some of that iron-clad control in the bedroom, in some really hard-core ways, but she hasn’t found the guts to go after what she wants yet.

Playboy Patrick Dunham happens to run in the same circles with her now that her best friend is with his best friend, but that doesn’t mean she has to like him. He’s egotistical, too hot for his own good and a downright player … she absolutely hates him! And the feeling is quite mutual … so why does it feel like their tempers and ire are just heating things up when the other is near? When one thing leads to another and they decide to act on their undeniable attraction, Patrick promises to fulfill her every desire … but their hearts are off limits!


* Review * NIGHT STALKER by Shirlee McCoy

* Review * NIGHT STALKER by Shirlee McCoyNight Stalker by Shirlee McCoy
Series: FBI: Special Crimes Unit
Published by Love Inspired Suspense on March 1, 2018
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A serial killer is on the loose…

in the first book in Shirlee McCoy’s FBI: Special Crimes Unit series

After Special Agent Adam Whitfield’s ex-wife is nearly killed when she stops an abduction, the serial killer that Adam’s been hunting turns his focus on Charlotte Murray for getting in his way. Now, as the Night Stalker closes in, Adam has two missions: bring the murderer to justice and save Charlotte—because failure isn’t an option.


Full of intrigue and emotional turmoil! With the first book in a new FBI: Special Crimes Unit series, we’re faced with the hunt for a killer who just might be hiding in plain sight, at the same time we watch a couple deal with the emotional upheaval of seeing each other again years after they called it quits. Adam and Charlotte might want to think they moved past each other, but the second they are in the same room together again, the connection between them is blatantly obvious. The plot is thick with danger and intrigue and the characters are easy to connect with and we find ourselves hoping they will find their way back to each other. Really enjoyed it!

FBI Special Agent Adam Whitfield never expected the call he’d been hoping for with a lead on the serial killer he’s been hunting for years to shake up his world and take him back home again, but here he is, back in Whisper Lake, Maine sitting by his ex-wife’s side.

Charlotte Murray might have been almost killed trying to help a woman who was being abducted, but the pain she feels most is coming from seeing the love of her life standing in front of her again after being without him for years. She’s not sure how she’s supposed to handle this emotional upheaval, but the fact that a serial killer has now set his sights on her because she interrupted his fun is a tad daunting. Adam will do anything to keep her safe … but who’s going to keep her safe from the memories that keep ripping through her soul?