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* Review * BULLETPROOF CHRISTMAS by Barb HanBulletproof Christmas by Barb Han
Series: Crisis: Cattle Barge #6
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on December 1, 2018
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Where there’s a will…there’s murder.

Crisis: Cattle Barge reaches its exciting Christmas finale!

When the Butlers gather for the Christmas reading of their murdered father’s will, tracker Rory Scott is focused on finding the killer targeting his ex, Cadence Butler. He’s shocked to find the ranch heiress pregnant…with his twins. Wild spirit Rory has never “done” love, but keeping Cadence safe on the run threatens to tame his untamable heart.


Secrets are exposed and truths are revealed! With the finale of the Crisis: Cattle Barge series, we finally get some answers as to what’s been going on around Hereford Ranch for all of these months, and the last prodigal child returns to gather around the family for the reading of Maverick Mike’s will. The book felt somewhat anticlimactic, but it was nice to get to know the final sibling we’ve heard so much about and get some answers … at least partial ones. Really enjoyed the series as a whole!

Heiress Cadence Butler doesn’t have any choice but to return home for the Christmas Eve reading of her murdered father’s will. She’s been laying low since the media circus began around the ranch, other than the trouble she got into trying to scare off her newly minted half sister. She’s got news to share with her family, but she’s not looking forward to it!

Tracker Rory Scott owes the Butler family a lot for taking him in and treating him like one of their own all those years ago, and he’s feeling a tad guilty because the last thing he felt from Maverick Mike was disappointment when he discovered he was having a fling with his daughter. What Rory doesn’t know is that said daughter is heading home … carrying his unborn babies right along with her!



* Review * CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE LANE by Annie RainsChristmas on Mistletoe Lane by Annie Rains
Series: Sweetwater Springs #1
Published by Forever on September 25, 2018
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Christmas is coming to the North Carolina mountains, and the air is fresh and crisp and filled with promise. After the devastating loss of her job in the big city, the small town of Sweetwater Springs feels like heaven to Kaitlyn Russo. She's inherited her grandparents' charming (if a little rundown) bed and breakfast, and it's just the new lease on life she needs. Only "heaven" comes with a catch-and a handsome and completely infuriating one at that.

After what he hopes will be a quick trip, Mitch Hargrove wants nothing more than to put his hometown in the rearview mirror. But his plans get derailed when he learns he's now half-owner of the Sweetwater B&B. The fact that he's given only two months to make the inn a success is a huge problem, but it's his pretty-and incredibly headstrong-partner who's the real challenge. With the holiday fast approaching and a grand re-opening looming, will Mitch keep running from the ghosts of Christmas past . . . or will he realize the true gift he's been given?

Includes the bonus short story "Midnight Clear" by Hope Ramsay!

A good old fashioned down-home Christmas! With the first book in the Sweetwater Springs series, we’re taken into the heart of small town living as two unlikely partners enter into the journey of getting an inn fixed up before continuing on with their separate lives. Only problem is, they never expected to fall in love along the way! Great characters, a heartfelt story line and tons of small town charm!

When Kaitlyn Russo finds out she’s inheriting her grandparents bed and breakfast in cozy Sweetwater Springs, NC just after her big city job has fallen apart in New York, she figures fate must be looking out for her and vows to make this new venture a success no matter the cost. There’s just one little hiccup in her plans … she didn’t know she was only inheriting half of the inn!

Recently discharged military man Mitch Hargrove makes a stop through Sweetwater Springs to settle the paperwork on the inn and visit his Mom on his way to the new security job he has waiting on him in Virginia. He didn’t know there was a stipulation on the inheritance saying he had to help run the place for two months before he could sell his half!