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* Review * BOONE by Lori Foster

* Review * BOONE by Lori FosterBoone by Lori Foster
Series: The Buckhorn Brothers #12
Published by HQN Books on June 1, 2019
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Second chances were never more seductive than those in this brand-new Buckhorn novella…

The day April Kasper offered herself to Boone Barton is etched in her memory—for all the wrong reasons. He turned her down flat. Five years later the humiliation still stings, but April isn’t a naive kid anymore. Now that Boone is back in Buckhorn, she needs him to see that she’s older, wiser and over him. Or at least two out of three…

Back then, Boone was a bad boy—no question. But even he knew that sweet, smart April was off-limits. Now though, it’s an entirely different ball game. No matter how hard he’s tried to forget her, she’s plagued his dreams. So he’s back in Buckhorn to prove that letting her go was the biggest mistake of his life, and a wise man never repeats his mistakes…


Short, sassy and and oh so satisfying! Each year for her annual Reader Author Get Together event, Lori Foster adds a new novella to her beloved Buckhorn Brothers series with royalties going to benefit a charity. This year we have the pleasure of watching Boone return home and reunite with the one that got away. It’s a quick read full of snark and sass that gripped this reader’s heart quickly. Obviously we don’t get a huge amount of turmoil and strife in a novella length book, but the author manages to secure the likability of the characters easily and leaves us satisfied that they are on their way towards that happily ever. Highly recommend the series and especially this years contribution to it!

Five years ago teenage April Kasper laid her heart at Boone Barton’s feet and suffered the humiliation of outright rejection. Now that she’s heard he’s back in town, she’s still embarrassed over what happened and wishes she could show him that she’s grown up from that girl and no longer carries a torch for him.

Boone Barton wasn’t unaffected by April all those years ago and to tell you the truth, she’s never been far from his mind since he left town … but he knew he wasn’t sticking around Buckhorn back then, and he knew he was far from good enough for her. Now he’s back, he’s a changed man, and he’s going to put his heart on the line and see if she’s interested … if only she wasn’t still holding a grudge for his rejection!


* Review * CLAIMING THE DRAKOS HEIR by Jennifer Faye

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CLAIMING THE DRAKOS HEIR by Jennifer FayeClaiming the Drakos Heir by Jennifer Faye
Series: Greek Island Brides #2
Published by Harlequin Romance on June 1, 2019
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The rebel bachelor is back…

To claim her baby!

In this Greek Island Brides story, pregnant surrogate Popi Costas is faced with raising her late sister’s child alone, until the baby’s wealthy uncle arrives to take charge! Apollo Drakos is distractingly handsome, but Popi won’t let that stop her fighting to keep the baby. Yet as she gets to know the man behind the wildcard reputation, Popi’s reconsidering welcoming Apollo into her new little family…


Torn between two homes! She was unselfishly giving her sister a gift, but after a horrible accident, she’s all that this unborn child has left. Or so she thinks … until it’s uncle shows up demanding to take custody! Popi and Apollo aren’t too sure what to make of each other, but when a storm strike and leaves them stranded with no one to count on but each other, they quickly bond and open their hearts to more than the bickering that’s been going on so far. Really touching story with interesting characters and a heartbreaking back story.

Pregnant Popi Costas thought this would be one of the happiest times of her lives as she made her sister’s dreams come true by being a surrogate for her baby … instead she’s going through the pregnancy by herself as she braces herself to raise a baby she was never supposed to be keeping.

Apollo Drakos arrives on Infinity Island to take his brother’s son to the Drakos estate where it needs to be raised. He might not have been there when his brother and sister-in-law where killed in a horrible accident, but he’s there for his niece or nephew now and isn’t willing to take no for an answer!