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I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE RETURN OF HER BILLIONAIRE HUSBAND by Melanie MilburneThe Return of Her Billionaire Husband by Melanie Milburne
Published by Harlequin Presents on March 1, 2020
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Their marriage was lost…

But then he walked back into her life!

Juliette is determined to forget her short-lived marriage to Italian tycoon Joe Allegranza. It began with an intense passion she’d only ever dreamed of, and ended in heartbreak. Now it’s time to go their separate ways…or is it?

Because reunited at a lavish wedding, Juliette is unable to hide from their desire, or the realization of how little she knew her husband. Drawn together by their connection, she’s torn: rekindling their spark could spell disaster, or it could make them stronger than before…


Reunited … but can it last? Melanie Milburne brings an estranged couple back together in THE RETURN OF HER BILLIONAIRE HUSBAND under the lure of taking part in their best friend’s lavish wedding.

Juliette pushed her new husband Joe away when tragedy struck their fledgling relationship and plans to pursue a divorce in order to get on with her life. She’s been resistant to talking through their past because it’s still too painful for her. The rush of their relationship felt a bit off.

Joe is easy to sympathize with, but as we learn more of his background and get her side of how she felt during his reactions to situations that arose between them, we can understand why she felt about him the way she did.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an emotional reunion of a couple who both deserve good things. I enjoyed their story.



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * DEMANDING HIS BILLION-DOLLAR HEIR by Pippa RoscoeDemanding His Billion-Dollar Heir by Pippa Roscoe
Published by Harlequin Presents on March 1, 2020
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The woman he can’t forget…

The child he can’t deny!

Wild. Powerful. Ultrarich. Matthieu’s reputation was infamous. And he wanted to keep it that way! It was a way to shelter from the pain of his traumatic past. Until enchanting Maria entered his world of unimaginable wealth…and unraveled his carefully ordered life with a night of blistering passion.

She was the only woman to see the man behind the scars. Yet, to protect her, Matthieu pushed her away. Now Maria is back, with an announcement that leads him to question everything: “I’m pregnant.”

One night turns into forever! DEMANDING HIS BILLION-DOLLAR HEIR by Pippa Roscoe is an emotional journey of healing for two lost souls.

Maria has been pushed to the wayside once to often for her to have not been scarred by rejection and turmoil. She searches for love in every interaction, but only manages to set herself up for failure time and again. She’s a tad flighty, but with her back story, we easily forgive it.

Matthieu is successful and commanding and easily swayed me to like him when he reached out to Maria one night when he could tell she was upset. That night was meant to be a one night reprieve from the world, but she’s shortly searching him out to announce she’s pregnant.

I recommend this story to anyone looking for a fast paced story of a marriage between strangers that soon turns into forever. I quite enjoyed his character in particular.


* Review * HER KNIGHT WORE SCRUBS by Lynne Marshall

* Review * HER KNIGHT WORE SCRUBS by Lynne MarshallHer Knight Wore Scrubs by Lynne Marshall
Series: Mercy, Inc. #1
on February 1, 2020
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Her surprise Knight in the ER

China Seabury needs a host for her latest charity event to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted teen driving -- something that is very close to her heart.

It looks as though she's going to have to grit her teeth and ask for help from the Mercy, Inc. Emergency Department's infamous playboy, Eric Morell.

Eric is delighted when China asks for his help -- now he has the chance to use his easy charm to persuade the one woman in the ER who hasn't fallen at his feet to go out with him. Eric knows China is scared to let go of her heart, but he is determined to earn her trust -- in fact he's prepared to come to her rescue in more ways than she could ever have imagined!

** Previously published by a Harlequin Medical Romance in 2007 as HER L.A. Knight -- now updated and re-releasing **


When two unlikely hearts collide, there’s magic to be made! With the first book in her Mercy, Inc. series, Lynn Marshall brings us the story of an ER nurse and a physician’s assistant in HER KNIGHT WORE SCRUBS. The characters each have an intriguing back story and their banter catches a reader’s attention quickly.

It seems China is nice to everyone except for Eric when we first meet her, but we soon realize she simply has no patience for what she sees as conceit. She drives herself hard to raise funding for a cause near and dear to her heart, so when Eric becomes a driving force in that nature, she finally sees him for the man he truly is.

Eric is a fun character. He’s always ready with a smile to delight a patient or ease someone’s stress, but he doesn’t like that China thinks poorly of him. He makes it his goal to get her to warm up to him and say yes to a date.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good medical romance with equal parts medical emergencies, character drama and love blossoming before our eyes. I enjoyed China and Eric!


* Review * RISK IT ALL by Katie Ruggle

* Review * RISK IT ALL by Katie RuggleRisk It All by Katie Ruggle
Series: Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #2
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on December 31, 2019
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Five bounty-hunting sisters
Deep in the heart of the Rockies
Fighting to save each other
...and the men who steal their hearts

Cara Pax never wanted to be a bounty hunter. She's happy to leave chasing criminals and tackling skips to her sisters. But if she wants her dreams of escaping the family business to come true, she's got one last job to finish... Only problem is, she doesn't think her bounty is guilty.

Henry Kavenski is a man with innocence to prove. When he realizes that Cara believes him, he'll do anything to keep her out of harm's way. Escaping criminals and dodging cops might not be the best time to fall in love, but Henry and Cara won't give up, not when there's a chance at a new life ahead--if they can survive the fall.

Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters:
In Her Sights (Book 1)
Risk It All (Book 2)


Love where she never expected it! With book two in her Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters series, Katie Ruggle takes us knee deep into trouble with Cara and the accused murderer she’s set her sights on catching.

Cara has no interest in being a bounty hunter like her sisters, but if she wants the family business to keep carrying the bills while she studies to be a kindergarten teacher, she needs to step up and bring in some dough. She might not be as smooth as her sisters, but she’s hunted her prey and is making her move.

Henry can’t help but be amused at how obvious Cara is when she’s hunting him. He’d be a nice guy and let her earn the money for taking him in if he didn’t still have so much to accomplish to get out of this mess that he’s gotten himself into.

I’ve been highly entertained by both books in this series so far and look forward to seeing more of the sisters find their happily ever after and watching them bring their mom her just desserts. I recommend this book to anyone liking a drama filled intrigue with a close-knit family of bounty hunters and a whole lot of heart involved.


* Review * DOMINIK by Sawyer Bennett

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * DOMINIK by Sawyer BennettDominik by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Arizona Vengeance #6
Published by Big Dog Books, LLC on February 18, 2020
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I built myself up from nothing. A product of the foster care system, I learned early on how to fight hard to get what I want. Whether it was starting my first company in college, earning my first billion, or buying my first professional sports team, I know how to get what I want, when I want it.

Until now.

Willow Monahan is fierce, independent, and hot as hell. She also takes great pleasure in shutting down my advances. The younger sister of one of my star players, Willow intrigues me to my very core. And while she may have willingly given me her body, she is hesitant to offer up more. Now I’m on a mission to find out why.

I’ve decided to approach my desire for Willow like I’ve approached much of my life; with persistence, determination, and a whole lot of that Dominik Carlson alpha charm. Buying a hockey expansion team, building the Arizona Vengeance from the ground up, and bringing home a championship may prove to be an easier feat than winning Willow’s heart.

But I’ve never been a quitter.

Willow Monahan… I’m coming for you.


With DOMINIK, the sixth book in her Arizona Vengeance series,  Sawyer Bennett brings us the scorching hot story of team owner Dominik and the sister of one of his players! We’ve seen the hinting in a previous book or two about their hook-ups, but nothing has prepared us for this hunky man.

Dominik built himself up from nothing, and he appreciates every single minute of his life. He’s suave, he’s dashing and he’s utterly charming in how much he just plain cares about his employees, friends and team members. I adored him!

Willow just needs someone to wallop her with a pillow a time or two. She has a bit of a past that we haven’t heard about previously and she is living in her head way too much and about to miss out on this dream of a man who is really into her. It all starts as a good time, but before long it’s more serious than anything they’ve ever experienced.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series. It’s not only explosive hockey, but this team is filled with drama, love and friendship. I leave every book hoping that the next isn’t too far down the road. Highly recommend the Arizona Vengeance!


* Review * HER HOMECOMING WISH by Jo McNally

* Review * HER HOMECOMING WISH by Jo McNallyHer Homecoming Wish by Jo McNally
Series: Gallant Lake Stories #3
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on February 1, 2020
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She’s ready to shed her good-girl ways…

“You’re all about following the rules now? Pity.”

Mackenzie Wallace hopes there’s still some bad boy lurking beneath single father Danny Adams’s upright exterior. Being the proverbial good girl left her brokenhearted and alone in the past. Now she’s back in town and wants excitement with her high school crush—not love. Dan knows their connection runs deep, despite Mackenzie’s protests. But will their new personas work together—especially when Dan’s secret is exposed?


Going home again isn’t always what you expected! With the third book in her Gallant Lake Stories series, Jo McNally brings a happily ever after Sheriff Dan’s way in HER HOMECOMING WISH. The characters are fun to get to know and there was an added addition of some intrigue in the plot.

Dan is a dream of a guy. He’s a loving father, he’s all about doing good for his community, and he’s sexy as all get out.

Mack is tired of being the people pleaser and wants to live it up for once in her life. What better way than taking a ride on the wild side with her former crush … only Danger Dan is now straight and narrow Dan and she’s not so sure she wants that side of him.

I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a fast paced small town romance with a touch of intrigue.


* Review * MISADVENTURES IN THE CAGE by Sarah Robinson

* Review * MISADVENTURES IN THE CAGE by Sarah RobinsonMisadventures in the Cage by Sarah Robinson
Published by Waterhouse Press on February 4, 2020
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Callan Walsh kicks ass. In fact, he’s famous for it. As one of the brightest up-and-coming stars on the MMA scene, he’s an absolute beast in the cage…and out. Everything he’s trained for has brought him to this moment. Going toe-to-toe with reigning champ Xavier Gray will make or break his career. Nothing can distract him from his lifelong goal. Nothing. Until he meets…his opponent’s little sister.

Josie Gray is hell on wheels, gorgeous AF, and has a mouth that doesn’t stop. The reluctant reality-television star is every man’s dream, but she’s about to become Callan’s nightmare. Tired of being in her brother’s fight-club entourage, Josie desperately desires her own life out of the limelight. Her loyalty to family keeps her tangled in faux fame, but what she feels for Callan is the realest thing she’s ever known.

Sparks fly when Callan comes to Josie’s rescue, leading to an all-consuming fire after a single night together. Forever is right at their fingertips, if only everything—and everyone—wasn't working to keep them apart. Will Callan and Josie fight through family ties to come out on top? Or are they both caged into lives they never wanted?


Filled with love, passion and turmoil! MISADVENTURES IN THE CAGE by Sarah Robinson is a fast-paced, hard fought journey to happily ever after for a champion fighter and the little sister of his biggest opponent!

Josie is easy to sympathize with as her out of control family shows time and again the things that drive her crazy. She never expected to meet a guy that she really liked … much less have him wind up being her brother’s biggest competition in the ring … but life’s got a way of throwing her curve balls when she least expects them.

I loved Callan. He had a good heart and was sexy as all get out to boot. Roadblocks kept going up in their way, and sometimes they let them get the better of them too much … but I was happy to finally get a happy ending in the end.

I recommend this addition to the Misadventures series to anyone who enjoys a steamy love story that doesn’t always work out along the way.


* Review * IGNITE ON CONTACT by Jaci Burton

* Review * IGNITE ON CONTACT by Jaci BurtonIgnite on Contact by Jaci Burton
Series: Brotherhood by Fire #2
Published by Berkley on February 4, 2020
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Relationships. Firefighter Rafe Donovan avoids them whenever possible. He loves dating women, but he makes sure they know up front that he's in it for fun, great sex and nothing more.

Fun. As an ER nurse and official caretaker of her disabled grandfather, Carmen Lewis doesn't have time for fun. But Rafe has been there for Carmen--and her grandfather--time and again, and he's clearly interested in her. She knows he's a player, but she's tempted by his charm and incredible body. And maybe a little fun isn't a bad thing, as long as she keeps her heart away from this fiery game she's enjoying with a very hot man.

Love. It doesn't take Rafe long to realize that until now he's only been playing at romance. With Carmen he feels searing passion and heart-tugging emotion for the first time. Now he has to convince Carmen that what they have together is the real deal.


Full of heart! With book two in her Brotherhood by Fire series, Jaci Burton continues to make us fall for the Donovan brothers with IGNITE ON CONTACT.

We met Rafe in the first book of the series and loved the close-knit feel he and his fellow firefighter brothers have with each other and with their adoptive parents. He’s a bit of a love’em and leave’em playboy, but he’s got a good heart and is quick to admit when Carmen has him wrapped around hers.

Carmen is a tough one. She’s had a lot of loss in her life and she’s worked hard to get to the point she’s at right now, but taking care of her grandfather has her at her wits end when he keeps trying to do more than she thinks he should.

I recommend this book and the series as a whole to anyone who likes an action packed firefighter story with a family goodness around it. Can’t wait for Kal’s story!


* Review * GOING DOWN AGAIN by Carly Phillips

* Review * GOING DOWN AGAIN by Carly PhillipsGoing Down Again by Carly Phillips
Series: Billionaire Bad Boys Short Story
Published by CP Publishing on February 4, 2020
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Alphalicious and still demanding, Kaden Barnes has everything a man could want: a beautiful wife, an adorable toddler son, and a life most people would envy.

What he misses is being alone with his wife. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, he can’t think of a better gift than a vacation to the exclusive island of Eden where sensuality reigns.

But no sooner do they arrive than he realizes something is bothering his beautiful wife. Can he seduce Lexie into a revelation, and if so can he handle what she has to tell him that will upend their already chaotic life?


Carly Phillips delights fans of her Billionaire Bad Boys series with a short but a sweet Valentine revisit with one of our favorite couples! If you haven’t read the original series, it probably doesn’t have enough meat to it to give you a good foundation to their relationship, but a fan of the series will adore this dip back into the world!

Kaden and Lexie Barnes are living in wedded bliss … but work, life and the stress of parenthood leaves little time for them to just be them again. Kaden decides to surprise his bride with a Valentine vacation, but once they arrive, she seems distant … is there trouble in paradise?


* Review * BLAME IT ON THE BILLIONAIRE by Naima Simone

* Review * BLAME IT ON THE BILLIONAIRE by Naima SimoneBlame It on the Billionaire by Naima Simone
Series: Blackout Billionaires #3
Published by Harlequin Desire on February 1, 2020
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She fell into his arms... now she’s falling for his trap.
Will a blackout change everything for these unlikely lovers?

It was a night filled with secrets, lies…and soul-stealing passion. And now the blackout that turned lowly executive assistant Nadia Jordan and start-up billionaire Grayson Chandler into insatiable lovers leads to a proposal Nadia can’t refuse. As she steps into Grayson’s privileged Chicago world, will his matchmaking mother and vengeful ex destroy her dreams? Or will her fake fiancé make those dreams a reality?


Delectable passion! With book three in her Blackout Billionaires series, Naima Simone continues to delight us with swoon worthy characters in BLAME IT ON THE BILLIONAIRE.

Nadia is a kind-hearted person who put a good bit of her life on hold to raise her little brother. She’s had a crush on her boss Grayson, but never thought she had a chance … until a blackout unleashes passion she’s never experienced before.

Grayson is a shrewd businessman who has felt less-than most of his life, but he’s not willing to let his mother meddle in his life for one minute more. If he has to coerce Nadia into being his fake fiance for awhile, so be it!

I recommend this book and this entire series to anyone who enjoys a fast paced story filled with passion, lots of heart and happily ever afters.