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* Review * HOOKED ON YOU by Cathryn Fox

* Review * HOOKED ON YOU by Cathryn FoxHooked On You by Cathryn Fox
Published by Entangled: Amara on April 27, 2020
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I’m a bookworm, a mathematician, not the kind of girl a hot lobster fisherman would notice.

Until he did.

I’m not in small town Nova Scotia to hook up. I’m here to settle my grandmother’s estate and sell the B&B, which I soon discover has been overrun with seasonal fishermen and operated on the honor system. The hard-core fishing folks become an instant family––the one I never had. Then there’s the blind pet cow, who has a crush on my hot fisherman, Nate. Okay, technically he’s not mine. I have no desire to get reeled in.

Until I do.

Soon, the little town grows on me, and the fisherman? It’s not long until I take the bait and we’re playing house at the B&B. Things are looking up.

Until they aren’t.

Rumors about a new plant and jobs being in jeopardy start swirling around town like a nor’easter, and all the signs point to my guy being behind the scandal. Should I give him enough line to play it out and learn his true intentions, or cut and run before I’m hooked?


A romantic comedy with lots of heart! HOOKED ON YOU by Cathryn Fox delights with it’s cast of unlikely characters who form a family as they live in a bed and breakfast that no one is running anymore. Laughter, tears and happily ever afters are sure to please!

Kira Palmer is an interesting character. She arrives in Nova Scotia to settle her late grandmother’s estate and discovers the bed and breakfast that she assumed was closed has actually been running on it’s own with the help of the ragtag family of fishermen her Gram collected through the years.

Nate Montgomery is one of those characters that just makes you smile. He’s genuine and kind and his collection of friends is a lot of fun … especially the blind cow that has a major crush on him!

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a small town vibe with lots of feels. The characters are endearing and the story line is sweet.


* Review * JUDGMENT ROAD by Christine Feehan

* Review * JUDGMENT ROAD by Christine FeehanJudgment Road by Christine Feehan
Series: Torpedo Ink #1
Published by Berkley on January 23, 2018
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A brutal education in a Russian training facility for assassins has taught this group of men one thing: It's a long road to redemption...

As the enforcer of the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club, Reaper lives for riding and fighting. He's a stone-cold killer who turns his wrath on those who deserve it. Feelings are a weakness he can't afford--until a gorgeous bartender gets under his skin...

Near Sea Haven, the small town of Caspar has given Anya Rafferty a new lease on life. And she's desperate to hold on to her job at the biker bar, even if the scariest member of the club seems to have it out for her. But Reaper's imposing presence and smoldering looks just ratchet up the heat.

Anya's touch is everything Reaper doesn't want--and it brands him to the bone. But when her secrets catch up to her, Reaper will have to choose between Anya and his club--his heart and his soul.


Steaming hot sex, wicked danger around every corner and more angst than we know what to do with … what more could we ask for??? To my delight I’m finally finding the time to sit down and dig into Christine Feehan’s take on an MC romance, and I’ll tell you right now,I’m hooked! There’s a touch of paranormal, but mostly edge of your seat drama and danger. The characters are raw and emotionally scarred, but a close knit family of friends, siblings and extras. The ending was a bit abrupt, but I loved every minute leading up to it and I’m looking forward to devouring the rest of the series!

Savva Pajari AKA Reaper is a cold-hearted killer who we should abhor, yet hearing his story and seeing his reaction to every day life burns him into a reader’s soul and makes us want to save him. I loved watching him accept love.

Anya Rafferty is endearing. She’s scared of the life Reaper lives, but she is drawn to him with every breath she takes. She finds the strength to accept the ugliness she can’t change while at the same time standing up for what she believes in and expecting more from him.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves an unabashedly raw romance filled with danger, crime and heartfelt affection. I’m looking forward to a series binge!


* Review * CHRISTMAS IN BAYBERRY by Jennifer Faye

* Review * CHRISTMAS IN BAYBERRY by Jennifer FayeChristmas in Bayberry by Jennifer Faye
Published by Hallmark Publishing on July 7, 2020
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She’s trying to save the family candle company.
He’s trying not to fall for Bayberry—and her—again.

Kate Taylor knows what she wants in life: to one day run her family’s candle business, which is at the heart of the close-knit community of Bayberry, Vermont. But the company isn’t doing well.

Wesley Adams is on the fast track to be an assistant vice president at his financial firm in Manhattan. Before the promotion is announced, he’s sent to this small town from his past to do an analysis of the candle company.

He doesn’t expect to bump into his childhood crush, Kate, and when he does, sparks fly. As he spends time in Bayberry, he falls for the town’s Christmas traditions—and for her. But he has a responsibility to submit an honest report. Will it extinguish Kate’s dreams…along with any chance they have for a future together?


A cozy holiday romance! A Christmas in July release by Jennifer Faye is sure to delight a seasoned Hallmark Christmas fan. In CHRISTMAS IN BAYBERRY we get an unlikely reunion of high school crushes as life is at a turning point for both of them. With warm prose and holiday scenes coming to life, we go along for the ride of a lifetime in this heartwarming story.

Kate Taylor is an endearing character. We get to know her kindness and work ethic quickly as the story unfolds and then hearing her past only makes us like her more.

Wes Adams is kind but distant. Sharing time with Kate in a town he loved back in the day reminds him of a time before work consumed him and he finds himself enjoying it more than he expected.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves sweet, small town romance with a holiday flair. The town was wholesome and the characters easy to like.